The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) CI Working Group has been making steady progress on the Cross-Cloud CI project to continuously test deployments of Kubernetes and CNCF projects. Many cloud providers and projects have been added over the year, making it a comprehensive and important validation. See the latest dashboard and matrix describing the interoperability with stable releases and the latest commits.

What’s new? VMware vSphere is now being tested daily in support of the current CNCF projects — Kubernetes, Prometheus, CoreDNS, Fluentd, and Linkerd. With the addition of vSphere alongside other public cloud providers, the dashboard now answers compatibility questions across most users’ cloud choices.

VMware now has a dedicated Kubernetes testing environment to support numerous current and future CI/CD pipelines. Validating with vSphere dramatically expands users’ confidence in using Kubernetes in on-premise data centers and virtualized environments. vSphere is a key component of VMware Pivotal Container Service (PKS), a certified Kubernetes distribution.

The testing environment is provided with public cloud resources through VMware Cloud on AWS. It is an on-demand service that lets you deploy compute instances on vSphere-based cloud environments with access to a broad range of AWS services. The CNCF CI/CD testing is a great validation of the service — combining vSphere compute services and Amazon Elastic Load Balancing.

Establishing this environment and adding VMware vSphere to the Cross-Cloud CI project is a strong showing of the VMware commitment to the CNCF ecosystem. In the coming months, the community should expect to see continued public CI/CD progress in not only the breadth of projects tested, but also the depth within each project. There are lots of new possibilities to explore. Stay tuned.