By Susan Wu, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cloud-Native Apps

Editor’s note: On February 26th, 2019, VMware renamed VMware PKS to VMware Enterprise PKS. To learn more about the change, read here.

We’re following up our VMware SIG announcement with some exciting plans for our presence at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon in Copenhagen.


On the heels of the last Cloud Foundry Summit in Boston, we’re starting to see the Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes coming together. There’s a full day of content devoted to the synergies between Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes during Cloud Foundry Day at KubeCon.

To start things off, on Tuesday, May 1, Product Line Manager Merlin Glynn and Staff Systems Engineer Thomas Kraus will be presenting on Building Developer Pipelines with Kubernetes during Cloud Foundry Day.

Also on May 1, Technical Product Managers Mike West and Tom Schwaller are leading the  Kubernetes Workshop in which they will provide an overview and walkthrough of containers and Kubernetes, focusing on how Kubernetes is used in the enterprise. They will be followed by a presentation from Software Engineer Fawad Khaliq on Kubernetes networking and service mesh for inter-service communications.

Chief Open Source Officer Dirk Hohndel will lead the Wednesday morning keynote at KubeCon and give an overview of the cloud-native open source projects related to VMware.

Many VMware employees are contributors and founders of open source projects from serverless to Kubernetes and service mesh. Meet the open source experts at KubeCon during the Open Source Officer Hours at the VMware booth.

Featured Talks from VMware

Storage WG Deep DiveClint Kitson, VMware; Ben Hindman, Mesosphere; and Quinton Hoole, Huawei

Building an Open Source Community to Achieve Innovation Through Openness Jonas Rosland, VMware

Efficient IOT with Protocol Buffers and gRPCVladimir Vivien, VMware

Performance and Scale @Istio Service Mesh – Fawad Khaliq, VMware; Laurent Demailly, Google; Surya V Duggirala, IBM

Growing In Your Contributor Role – Insights from a K8s Newcomer Working within the Release ProcessTim Pepper, VMware

SPIFFE Deep Dive – Neel Shah, VMware; Andrew Jessup and Emiliano Berenbaum, Scytale

Inside Kubernetes Resource Management (QoS) – Mechanics and Lessons from the Field – Michael Gasch

Featured Lightning Talks  (VMware)

Tips for Operating Kubernetes with OpenStack Cloud ProviderYifeng Xiao and Yang Yu

Extending Kubernetes with gRPC – Vladimir Vivien

SIG  (VMware)

VMware SIG Intro – Fabio Rapposelli and Steven Wong

Featured Talks from Pivotal

The Route To Rootless Containers – Ed King, Pivotal, and Julz Friedman, IBM

The “Silk” Road: Building a CNI Plugin from Scratch – Usha Ramachandran and Angela Chin, Pivotal


Beyond the talks, VMware will be showcasing VMware Pivotal Container Service (PKS), Kubernetes networking with VMware NSX-T, managing and monitoring with Wavefront by VMware and with vRealize Operations Manager. Be sure to check out the demos at VMware’s booth.

Want to work on Kubernetes full time? We’re hiring for product and engineering positions. Check out the job board at KubeCon when you arrive at the conference.