By Tom Scanlan, Emerging Technologies Practice, Professional Services

In my previous blog post — “Uncorking Fine Wine by Using an IoT Pipeline with Kubernetes on vSphere” — I wrote about a demonstration winery application that facilitates discussions around the Internet of things and machine learning. I’m pleased to announce that Dan Linsley, a VMware architect, has recorded a demonstration of the winery application.

After giving a quick summary of the application, Dan dives into how an operator interacts with the VMs in VMware vSphere that are created using VMware Pivotal Container Service (PKS) to host a Kubernetes cluster that contains the running winery application. The video also shows the Kubernetes dashboard that can be used to explore the state of the Kubernetes cluster nodes and deployments running in the cluster. You can see how the container registry, called Harbor, hosts the various Docker images that are used in the application.

Dan then jumps into a developer’s shoes to make an alteration to the code for the app’s web interface. Concourse, a CI/CD pipeline engine from Pivotal, detects the code change and then triggers the following events:

  • Rebuilding the application
  • Re-packaging the application into a new container image
  • Delivering the image to Harbor
  • Testing the application running in a container
  • Doing a rolling deployment of the validated application into the Kubernetes cluster

While the IoT pipeline is running, Dan shows off the Concourse UI and the integration of Wavefront by VMware and VMware vRealize Log Insight into the winery application. These tools are vital to enabling micro-services applications running in containers. With the number of moving parts in these types of applications, good instrumentation is the only way to get insight into the health of the full application stack.

Finally, when the pipeline is completed, Dan verifies that the code change has propagated out to Harbor and is now running in Kubernetes on vSphere.

Here’s the recording:

Video Timeline:

  • 00:00 – 01:29: Application Data Flow
  • 01:29 – 02:02: vSphere Kubernetes
  • 02:02 – 02:35: Kubernetes Deployments
  • 02:39 – 02:54: Harbor
  • 02:50 – 03:11: Wine Quality Web App
  • 03:11 – 04:37: Code Change
  • 04:37 – 05:34: Concourse Tour
  • 05:34 – 08:00: Wavefront Dashboard
  • 08:00 – 09:00: Log Insight
  • 09:00 – 09:15: Back to Harbor, new VM
  • 09:15 – 09:27: Validate new UI
  • 09:27 – 10:00: Explanation of Concourse Deploy

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