Customers want to take advantage of container technology for running stateful, data intensive applications, such as databases and modern cloud-native applications. One of the significant barriers they face is the lack of out-of-the-box persistent storage solutions in the container ecosystem. This is because these solutions require a robust, elastic and programmable storage infrastructure with the same level of security, data integrity, high availability and storage services that are expected in a modern IT infrastructure.

Project Hatchway addresses this gap in vSphere environments by offering storage infrastructure choices for container environments, from hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) powered by VMware vSAN™ to traditional SAN and NAS storage.

Project Hatchway

Project Hatchway by VMware®

Project Hatchway offers tighter integration with container orchestrators like Docker Swarm and Kubernetes to meet the needs of the DevOps community. It enables developers to consume storage infrastructure as code with the freedom to choose the orchestrator of their choice.

Additionally, data services such as snapshot, cloning, encryption, de-duplication and compression are available at a container volume granularity through Project Hatchway. This grants visibility into storage for admins so they can efficiently enforce SLAs and QoS through Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM). Container storage is carved out of proven virtual machine (VM) storage, providing all of the enterprise capabilities and storage services already available with VM storage. This combination of container schedulers and vSphere storage delivers a complete solution for stateful applications.

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