By Gaetano Borgione, Sr. Staff Engineer, Cloud Native App at VMware

Our team recently put together an introductory presentation on networking challenges associated with container-based solutions. The motivation was a general lack of understanding we’d noticed in the developer community on this important topic, likely the result of the highly fragmented nature of the the information available on container orchestration frameworks.

We wanted to address a number of fundamental questions in the presentation, including:

  • How does a container interact with its surrounding environment?
  • How are networks provisioned for containers?
  • And how do you compose a service using both container and networking components?

We shared our answers at last month’s Open Networking Summit in Santa Clara, and then again at a keynote session at Open Networking Korea 2017 Spring in Seoul. Both presentations received a very positive response.

Indeed, this focus on container networking has already generated so much interest that we decided to create a video series on this topic to share with you. Take a look:

We’d love to get your feedback on the topic. How could we update or amplify the material we already have with more information and details? What use-cases do you have in mind for your next-generation container solutions? And what questions do you have about properly designing networking solutions around them?

Lastly, if you want to catch our presentation live, we’ll be at DevNet Create next week in San Francisco. Maybe see you there!