Authored by Debra Robertson, Product Marketing Manager, Cloud Native Applications

CloudNativeCon + KubeCon will showcase Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) projects under one roof in Berlin from March 29th to March 30th, 2017. As a gold sponsor of the event, VMware will be there to support the CNCF community and participate in sessions, share demos, and promote the event.  

If you’re heading to KubeCon 2017 next week in Berlin, connect with us to learn how VMware’s cloud native portfolio and open source technologies enable developers and IT from dev-test to production. VMware subject matter experts will be onsite to walk you through demos and use cases for securely developing, deploying and managing container-based applications.

Attend the Network-Aware Kubernetes Scheduler Session

Join two of VMware’s Kubernates contributors discussing Kubernetes exposes an interface to build a custom scheduler. Software Engineers Akash Gangil and Salvatore Orlando are presenting on how better scheduling decisions can be made with information about the network topology.

WHEN: Thursday March 30, 2017 16:25 – 17:00
WHAT: A Network-Aware Kubernetes Scheduler
WHERE: Rooms B 05 – B 06

The scheduler would make pod scheduling decisions as a function of network health, in addition to other resources like cpu and memory predicates used by the default scheduler. Demo setup would consist of kubernetes with OVN as a networking backend using the ovn-kubernetes plugin. 

Learn about VMware’s Kubernetes as a Service Platform for Enterprises

Photon Platform is built on open source Photon OS and Photon Controller which are custom-designed for high churn, massively scalable container environments. Photon Platform is part of VMware’s Cloud Native Apps solutions and leverages production-grade networking and storage for a thin IaaS to support Kubernetes as a Service.  

Join the Conversation at Booth G1

VMware is a sponsor of CNCF and OCI to drive open source collaboration and standards for container deployments. We have open source projects to ease integrations with other technologies and are working with customer across the world to build and contribute our development to the industry. In addition to learning more about our open source projects, you can also connect with VMware’s cloud native experts, and experience our solutions:

  • See a Kubernetes-as-a-Service demo showcasing Photon Platform, a container-optimized cloud platform which delivers on-demand developer tools and services. We will show:
    • Self-service Kubernetes clusters for platform and app development teams
    • Self-healing Kubernetes clusters which automatically recover from failure
    • Commercially supported Kubernetes and Linux distros from VMware
  • Watch a networking demo featuring NSX-T which integrates with Kubernetes via a CNI plugin. The demo will show how NSX can be used to provide per pod (group of containers) logical ports and micro-segmentation between pods. The demo will demonstrate all the benefits gained by using NSX-T for container networking.

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We hope to see you there!