Authored by James Zabala, Principal Architect and Product Lead for Photon Platform

Today we’re excited to announce the release of Photon Platform v1.1! This is our fourth major release in 2016 and marks a major milestone in our concerted effort to build a true container-focused cloud platform. Download the bits on Github.

Photon Platform is an Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure Platform purpose-built for cloud-native applications. It enables IT to deliver on-demand tools and services developers need to build and run modern applications while retaining security, control and performance of the datacenter.

Photon Platform was originally announced at VMworld in 2015 and, in the spirit of VMware’s cloud-native initiatives, subsequently open sourced on November 16th, 2015. In that time we’ve made thousands of commits and written hundreds of thousands of lines of code.  Today, the v1.1 release brings an impressive list of new features, including networking and storage features powered by NSX and VSAN technologies, and our first release of Kubernetes as a Service on Photon Platform. Development teams can now rapidly build Kubernetes clusters on demand to accelerate application development. Likewise Photon Platform provides a rich HTML5 user interface for management of the overall infrastructure and robust multi-tenant functionality.

kubernetes-500-pod-app tenantresourcedashboard

You can read more about our philosophy in building Photon Platform in Jared Rosoff’s post about our VMworld Barcelona announcement.

Perhaps most exciting are some of the features coming down the pipe which I’ll share in the coming weeks as our version planning wraps up.

If you are inclined to help improve Photon Controller, whether by writing documentation or code, feel free to ping us on GitHub — we love collaborating!