Authored by Alka Gupta, Senior Global Technical Alliance Manager


Digital era is upon us. Every business is challenged by new innovations, whether it’s new products like Tesla, new business models like venmo or new user experiences like Uber. Customers and end users are expecting businesses to provide experiences that are personalized, localized, mobilized and responsive to their demands in cycles nearing real time. And I can guarantee you that your company is impacted by these trends as well!  Achieving state-of-the-art application development and delivery lies at the heart of this transformation and accelerates your time-to-market.

You are likely to have questions around how you can extend your current investments in VMware SDDC towards enabling your developers build these next gen apps.  In session CNA-7813, learn how VMware and Pivotal have partnered together to deliver the best in class integrated solutions in this space, targeting both operators and developers.

In addition, you will become familiar with Pivotal Cloud Foundry and its core tenets. You will also learn about the operational, reporting and monitoring capabilities available for PCF from VMware vRealize suite of products.  You will get the best practices around securing PCF with NSX today, and what’s on the horizon. For those interested in carving out separate greenfield stacks for cloud native workloads, you will see how to run Pivotal Cloud Foundry on our newly announced Photon Platform.

From this session, you will walk away with a good understanding of standing up a Pivotal Cloud Foundry environment in your data center, operationalizing it, and rolling it into production. You will be able to offer your developers a turnkey cloud native app-dev platform to build and run their apps with agility, with operational control via your trusted VMware SDDC.