Authored by Ryan Kelly, Staff Systems Engineer, Cloud Management

So you want to connect to the Docker instance on Photon OS remotly from another Docker client? In this guide I will walk you through a few short steps to configure Photon OS to enable the remote docker API. NOTE: This is not considered the secure method. If you want to use encryption and secure connections I will have a follow up post on that soon.

Login to your Photon OS using SSH or open the console and type the following and press enter

systemctl stop docker
vi /etc/default/docker

Press i on the keyboard then enter the following, when done press the ESC key then hold Shift and press the Z key twice

DOCKER_OPTS="-H tcp:// -H unix:///var/run/docker.sock"

Since Photon OS uses IP tables we need to open that port, type the following and press enter

iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 2375 -j ACCEPT

Now start docker with the following command and press enter

systemctl start docker

To test that it worked, open a web browser to the Photon OS at http://ipaddress:2375/info and you should see the following.



Authored by Ryan Kelly, Staff Systems Engineer, Cloud Management

We are back from another successful VMworld and a lot of folks are asking for the slides from this session. While the official slides are being posted on, I want to follow up with a blog post on this for anyone that was unable to attend in person. As you may or may not know, VMware recently announced Photon Platform. In my initial conversations with customers, I came to the conclusion that there is some confusion between vSphere and what Photon Platform is designed for. That was the basis for my session at VMworld this year.

So, what is Photon Platform?

Purpose built, multi-tenant, scale-out infrastructure for running containers on proven VMware technology you can trust!

A closer look under the covers.

Photon Controller is the scheduler and control plane that provides the constructs to combine ESXi, vSAN and NSX into a container cloud.

Ok, but how difficult is it to install?

Easy as..One



Your just a clicks away from access to industry standard API and command line

Photon Platform has Role based access focused on ensuring the Developer retains their preferred tools and workflows.

What are the use cases for Photon Platform?

But we already have vSphere?

As stated, Photon Platform has a heavy focus on containers, that’s not to say that it’s your only option, if you are already running vSphere you have a huge head start to containers. The question we get a lot is..

Also, containers as a service with vRealize Automation

So which one do I choose?

vSphere Integrated Containers:

  • Already invested in and standardized around vSphere
  • You need a quick and easy solution for your developers today
  • Plans to run containers in production
  • Requirement for Policy, governance and metered self service – vRealize Automation
  • Lack of resources or commitment to adopt/learn/train on a new technology

Photon Platform:

  • Lower cost IaaS layer for Pivitol Cloud Foundry – PCF – Photon Bundle!
  • Very mature agile development processes in place that needs to scale beyond vSphere Maximums > 35,000 VM’s
  • Currently or planning to build large distributed micro service architectures.
  • Alternative to other programmable infrastructure stacks
  • Large scale high churn environments (Spin up, tear down thousands of servers/containers per day.

Sometime both:

  • Already using containers on vSphere and need to deploy at a larger scale and faster pace
  • Old hardware laying around and you want to give developers a sandbox environment to relieve some of the resources on vSphere environment
  • Internal mandate to move off of Public Cloud Service
  • Innovation projects:
    • New Mobile App Development
    • Life Science research projects
    • Application Re-Architecture Projects
    • Internet of things projects
    • Distributed computing


Authored by Ryan Kelly, Staff Systems Engineer, Cloud Management

The 1.0 release of Photon Controller is now available on GitHub. Along with some bug fixes In this major release we see a sexy new UI. Photon Platform development is moving fast and this milestone just goes to show the commitment VMware has to deliver this new Container technology to the world.

Photon Controller is the foundation for Photon Platform. It provides a multi-tenant infrastructure for running your favorite cloud native frameworks.

If your not already familiar with Photon Controller packaging it is deployed as part of a downloadable OVA.

Once the OVA is deployed you run through the wizard based install, no changes in the install UI from previous beta, hey if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

Once deployed you can go to the URL of the Photon Controller Manager and we see a sleek and responsive new UI.

Notice the navigation is now on top.

A look at the tenants view and we can see that the UI is cleaner, more intuative and easier overall to navigate.

Also in the tenant view it is much easier to launch a new VM.

A look at the Image view.

The Flavors view.


Overall I really admire the design and goals of this project, elegantly simple with a laser focus on solving a particular use case. The development and product teams remind me of the early days of vSphere. Looking forward to getting more time with this version and publishing more articles as I get more familiar with some of the use cases.