Authored by Randy Carson, Senior Systems Engineer

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Check out  Cloud-Native Applications Hands of Labs that will be released at VMworld 2016, both are listed under HOL-1730.  If you are not attending VMworld, these labs will be available shortly after.  How is VMware offering container focused solutions?  Check them out.  USE-1 is all about VIC (vSphere Integrated Containers). See how easy it is to deploy container VMs in your current VMware infrastructure through the same Docker APIs.  Yes, in VIC we deploy docker images as tiny VMs. Why? Because you can use new developer friendly docker interfaces to manage applications while, at the same time, leveraging your enterprise class infrastructure.  Quickly enable your developers to start creating a container based application.   USE-2 is all about Photon Controller.  Want to create a micoservices based application?  Photon Controller is optimized for pure cloud-native application deployment.  Easily setup different clusters for your developers to run Kubernetes, Mesos, and Docker Swarm each in their own cluster but on the same vSphere hosts.   So come be a geek, bang at the CLI, build a NGINX application and learn how VMware can deliver the environment the developers are asking for.