Get Ready for Another Cloud-Native Packed VMworld!

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VMworld is less than a week away.  And like last year, we’ve got a lot happening on the Cloud-Native front!  We’ll be providing updates and deep dives into vSphere Integrated Containers and Photon Platform, talking about what our other technologies are doing in this space (e.g. NSX, VSAN, vRealize), in addition to going deeper on DevOps, containers, CI/CD, and more.

But I may be getting a bit ahead of myself.  Some of you have a good understanding of what the “cloud native” space consists of, but many of you probably don’t.  So before getting into specifics, it’s important to understand why you should care about this space.  When we talk about “cloud native”, we’re really talking about the tools, technologies, and processes that enable a faster, more responsive organization that achieves a higher software delivery velocity.  As software becomes a bigger differentiator for businesses, those businesses that are quickest to release high quality software and react to users’ preferences will have a huge business advantage.  The latest State of DevOps Report 2016 clearly shows the impact of higher performing organizations:

  • Top performing IT organizations deploy 200 times more frequently than lower performing ones
  • They have three times lower change failure rates and when they do have failures, they recover 24 times faster
  • They spend 22 percent less time on unplanned work or rework

As you can see, these numbers are stunning and it should be clear that the sort of advantage a high performing IT organization can deliver really makes a difference between a successful and an unsuccessful business.  Achieving this high performance organization is everyone’s responsibility.  You shouldn’t assume that someone else will do it.  You should think about how you can drive this sort of change in your org!


And that’s what we’re here to help with.  We have a ton of content on all aspects of cloud-native at VMworld.  Let me walk you through what we have in store for VMworld:

  • Keynotes: Cloud-native will be featured throughout the first two days of keynotes at VMworld, but we’ll have a specific section on cloud-native during the day 2 keynote – Tuesday, Aug 30.  We will have some exciting updates on vSphere Integrated Containers and Photon Platform.
  • Breakout sessions: These are deeper dive sessions into a wide variety of topics.  VMworld has hundreds of breakout sessions over a course of four days throughout the conference and there are a few dozen of these sessions dedicated to cloud-native.  There are two specific tracks we’d like to call out:
    • Cloud-Native: the CNA track covers vSphere Integrated Containers, Photon Platform, Pivotal-VMware Cloud-Native Stack, DevOps, CI/CD, Open source, and much more!
    • DevOps : the DevOps track covers all aspects of DevOps, from basic 101 level overviews to deeper dives into specific use cases.  It also covers a broad range of technologies, allowing you to see how VMware’s technologies fit into a DevOps environment.
  • Hands-on labs (HOL): HOLs are where you can get very hands on (as the name suggests… :)) experience with a particular technology or product.  We have two HOLs specifically on cloud-native: one on vSphere Integrated Containers and one on Photon Platform.
  • Expo booths at Solutions Exchange: The expo booth is a great place to get a high level overview of our products as well as a forum to ask specific questions you may have.  We’ll have expo booths for vSphere Integrated Containers, Photon Platform, and the Pivotal-VMware Cloud-Native Stack (bundle of Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Photon Platform) at the VMware booth in the Solutions Exchange.
  • VMware {code} hackathon: A fun way to put what you’ve learned into practice is the hackathon from VMware {code}.  It’s not all cloud-native, but if you adapt cloud-native and DevOps practices, you could have an advantage!!

Finally, if you want everything CNA happening at VMworld in one convenient place, check out our field guide and connect with us @cloudnativeappsSo as you can see, there’s a tremendous amount to do at VMworld this year.  We’re really excited to share these updates with you next week in Vegas and have been working hard to pull everything together.  We look forward to seeing you there!