Authored by Martijn Baecke, Senior Systems Engineer

Digital Transformation? DevOps? Docker? What is this all about? Well this is exactly what we will discuss during our session “Running Docker on your existing Infrastructure with vSphere Integrated Containers”at VMworld. Over the last couple of years containers have taken the world by storm. Developers have started using them to package their application code. Containers have made their world a lot easier and flexible; but what runs in test / development at some point needs to go into production.

The question that then comes to mind is: How are you going to deploy that and how are we going to manage these new workloads? Should you build a new infrastructure specifically for containers? Do you want another silo to manage, maintain and update or do you run it on something that already works and that you’ve known for years? There is no need for a new infrastructure, you already have an infrastructure that works and that you know how to operate. To stay relevant, containers need to be part of your existing infrastructure; vSphere Integrated Containers is a means to that end.

In this session, we will outline the architecture of vSphere Integrated Containers, explain how it works and how it will help you to stay secure, while keeping control of your infrastructure resources. You can provide developers the containers that they want, but maintain the same way of working without the need to change your infrastructure. The best of both worlds!