A year ago, we released AppCatalyst, a desktop hypervisor for developers – as a technology preview. The existing tools at the time were not specifically designed to support developer workflows, and there were many developer use cases where AppCatalyst did much better. The program helped us better understand the use cases and in the process gain valuable insight.

The technology preview for AppCatalyst will end on the 30th of June 2016. While the solution in its current form will not be productized, the learnings from the program will be incorporated into future products and features. We’re constantly evaluating how products are being used and exploring new ways to deliver more value to our customers.

We want to thank you for your participation in the program. If you are already using AppCatalyst and would like to continue using it till the end of 2016, please click here to download the updated version that will expire on the 31st of December 2016. You can also use VMware Fusion to continue running the virtual machines you’ve created with AppCatalyst.