By Gregory Murray, Product Line Manager for Cloud-Native Apps at VMware

I’m excited to announce that VMware has published the binaries and updated our repos for our Photon OS 1.0 release! In a little more than a year, the team has evolved Photon OS from a technology preview into a mature operating system available as open source software that’s been vetted by VMware engineering, support and guest OS validation teams as well as thousands in the community.

With the 1.0 release, we’ve greatly expanded the number of packages that we’re including in the repository, opening the door to many more use cases than were possible with the technology preview releases. At the same time, we’ve managed to keep both the disk and memory footprints extremely small. Read more about Photon OS 1.0 support for packages in our previous blog post.

There have been several enhancements to our release processes to improve its security profile, as well. Prior to availability, the 1.0 release was subjected to more than eight different vulnerability scanning tools, static code analysis and third-party penetration testing.

We’ve maintained the focus on being frugal with system overall resources and their effect on performance in vSphere environments. As a result of the optimizations for vSphere, kernel boot times are ~200ms and runtime performance shows consistent improvement. Even with these enhancements, the Photon OS developers have managed to keep disk and memory footprints very small. Today, the 1.0 release sits at a 384MB memory footprint and, with a minimal installation, 396MB on disk.

Today, we’re also happy to introduce the Photon Administration Guide. We have received plenty of feedback from the community over the last year. We have packaged up common questions about Photon OS as well as operations details in a thorough, easy-to-use guide to help users get the most out of Photon OS.

We invite you to download Photon OS and join our community on GitHub—the source for Photon OS support. We’ve got some exciting things planned for future releases of Photon OS and need your feedback to make sure that we’re heading in the right direction for running your workloads on vSphere.