At VMworld 2015, VMware and Pivotal announced they would work together on a combined solution for cloud-native applications.  Today I am thrilled that Pivotal and VMware have announced the first offering resulting from this work, an enterprise cloud-native stack featuring Pivotal Cloud Foundry and VMware Photon Platform.

Why is this a big deal?  It goes back to the basics of the digital transformation businesses are driving.  They realize that software and software services are becoming bigger and bigger differentiators for their businesses and so must accelerate how they deliver innovation to their customers.  Businesses are leveraging new application architectures, delivery models, and operational models.  To accomplish this, they must embrace next generation application and infrastructure platforms.  Businesses are most successful when they have a tightly integrated, simple to use application and infrastructure platform.  This is why this announcement is a big deal: the combination of Pivotal’s cloud-native application platform, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, with VMware’s cloud-native infrastructure, VMware Photon Platform, will allow your organization to spend more time and resources on innovating and driving customer value and less time getting an application ready to run in production.

Before talking about the integrated solution, let’s look at each component.  We’ll start with the cloud-native application platform, Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF).  As anyone who has experience with cloud-native app development will know, cloud-native apps are about much more than just containers.  There are many problems to solve when operating cloud-native apps in production, such as enabling registration and discovery of application services, network request routing / load balancing, health and availability, monitoring and logging, identity and authentication, and much more.  PCF provides a single, powerful environment providing all these capabilities and more.  This allows application teams to rapidly build, deploy, and operate cloud-native applications within PCF.

On to the infrastructure.  All application platforms require an infrastructure to run on.  The infrastructure must provide compute, storage, and network capabilities at a minimum.  But enterprises require much more: security, multi-tenancy, resource management, scheduling, and more.  In addition, for cloud-native environments, businesses are looking for a high-scale, API-driven, OSS solution.  This is exactly what we’re delivering with Photon Platform.  It’s a robust infrastructure solution optimized for cloud-native applications.

Now let’s return to the integrated solution.  Successfully building, deploying, and operating a cloud-native application in production requires many enterprise-grade capabilities.  Many of the customers I’ve spoken with over the last eight months face installation and maintenance complexity.  There’s simply too many pieces and various third parties with whom the customer must contract as they assemble their cloud-native stack. In addition, many of these pieces are at different levels of maturity, reliability, and interoperability.  By offering a single solution that is built to work together, tested and backed with unified support, we will accelerate initial deployment and post-installation efforts.  You can expect speedy application deployments and streamlined operations with built-in application and infrastructure management.  This joint solution is built for speed, scale and programmability, that is usable by developers, operations teams, and everyone in-between.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry on VMware Photon Platform Demo

The Pivotal-VMware cloud-native stack offers unparalleled simplicity and power that enables your organization to deliver cloud-native apps quicker, easier, and with greater efficiency.  What are you most excited about?