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The concept of microservices is built on the need to develop apps faster, be more resilient and offer a great experience for the customer. However, the new practices that come with microservices means smaller teams that need to work iteratively, often in a manner that is unfamiliar to companies that work in a top-down fashion. This means sweeping changes to how businesses function that we are just now starting to realize. First, it’s now less expensive to build software, and containers have made it even more affordable. Docker is on everyone’s roadmap — from software vendors to end users, all trying to figure out how to use containers — because they can accelerate software delivery. But it also means that the systems need to be instrumented at the application level, which means different requirements for developing, deploying and managing applications.

In this podcast with NewStack, Kit talks about customers who want a DIY approach are seeking to support application technologies with vSphere Integrated Containers (VIC) and Photon OS to accelerate deployment. Learn more.

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