Where the rubber meets the road. And I am saying this in a very positive way.

As I was walking back to the hotel on Tuesday I met a guy in the elevator and the 22 floors ride was a super short discussion about the opening comment he made: “so how did you like the conference? I personally thought it was too Enterprise”. I think he nailed it.

Dockercon Europe 2015 was (almost) all about security, UI, RBAC, and Ops. And on-premises solutions too. There couldn’t be a better way to have big enterprise organizations to pay attention than using those terms.

Docker has seen an unprecedented uptake in the last 2 years mostly around developers and possibly around very mature teams embracing the DevOps model which is at the intersection between developers and IT. The Exhibit was very well attended and I would probably say that there were a couple of themes in the solutions being demonstrated by the established vendors and startups on the floor.

The first theme was related to how to move the needle from being able to deploy a single container to a solution that provides orchestration and automation for full stack fruition. This includes discovery services, which was another hot topic during the breakout sessions I attended.

The second theme was related to how to get IT to endorse this and fill the gap that exists today between developers (that love Docker) and IT guys (that have a set of different problems to solve).

We believe that VMware is in a formidable position to help the industry “come together”.

We are investing heavily in helping our customers to embrace and consume containers in a way that isn’t disruptive (in a bad way). We are working on a number of fronts to facilitate this transition with new tools and technologies.

For example, we consider vSphere Integrated Container as an on-ramp to Docker for those customers that have standardized and invested heavily in vSphere. There were lots of questions about this at the booth at Dockercon. Stay tuned for more info on this front.

You can already find (and download) a lot of the technologies we have released in the last few months at our GitHub account

Today, I want to give a shout out to Photon Controller which is the latest addition to our arsenal. We have released Photon Controller as an Open Source Software project and it’s currently in Technical Preview.

Photon Controller is a highly scalable distributed control plane that allows customers to aggregate (at scale and very efficiently) a high number of hypervisor hosts and carve out resources that a tenant (e.g. Developer) could use very easily and automatically to instantiate a mix of SWARM, Kubernetes and MESOS clusters on-premises.

If you want to run containers at scale within your datacenters, Photon Controller is for you.

Go get it here along with the instruction on how to set it up in a test environment.  Play around with it and let us know what you think.


By Rajat Gupta, Sr. Product Line Manager, Cloud-Native Apps Business Unit, VMware

VMware today announced at DockerCon EU that Photon Controller is now available as an open source project.

The software, the control plane for the Photon Platform, makes it easy to deliver Docker Swarm, Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, Mesos, etc., on-demand to application development teams in your organization. You can check out the code here! If you’d rather just download the binaries to run a basic environment on your laptop/ desktop, you can follow the instructions in our Getting Started Guide.

If you are in Barcelona for DockerCon EU this week, please attend our talk today at 13:10-13:25 CEST (Monday, November 16th) in the Hallway Community Theater. Likewise you can visit our booth (#32) to learn what Photon Controller offers, see a demo, and get the details on how you can easily get started with Photon Controller and Docker Swarm on your own!  

For a technical deep dive on Photon Controller, be sure to read Bharath Siravara’s blog post here.

By the way, our team would love to get your feedback and answer any questions in our Google Group!


We are a proud sponsor of the second official Docker Conference in Barcelona, Nov 16th and 17th. Come to our 15 minute hallway talk on Mon, Nov 16th @ 1:10 pm. Massimo Re Ferre’ – our very own Maestro of the Cloud Native Apps team will be presenting!  You can follow Massimo @mreferre.


We’ll be hanging out at booth # 32. Stop by and say hi.

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posted We are very excited to be a sponsor at the inaugural KubeCon in San Francisco on Nov 9th – 11th. We can’t wait to learn and collaborate with our fellow Kubernetes enthusiasts! Come by booth #19 to say hi and get a deep dive into how you can leverage VMware’s Photon Platform with Kubernetes. We will show you how to provision a new Kubernetes instance with a single command and quickly provision an application to it.

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