In June, we announced the release of VMware AppCatalyst, a local development environment ready to support container- and microservices-based workflows out of the box. AppCatalyst is not only free for download (no registration required!), but ships with our lightweight, container-ready Photon OS and a Vagrant provider so developers can immediately get to work building cloud-native applications. Today, HashiCorp is releasing an easy walkthrough to get started developing with AppCatalyst – today marks the first of two lessons on this topic.

AppCatalyst and the developer environment is of course, only the starting point for any application or feature making it out into the world. The work of any individual developer has to be continuously – and ideally automatically – tested and merged with the work of others, and seamlessly deployed to an elastic infrastructure in production. This DevOps work makes it easy to pull code from developers and deploy to market, and is for businesses whose competitive edge relies on iterating quickly for their users.

We realize though, that DevOps is an evolving culture and process for many of our customers. The interactive curriculum with HashiCorp is designed to guide and introduce AppCatalyst users through the beginning of the DevOps lifecycle. We’ve of course worked with HashiCorp before – they’ve been a key partner in some of our prior announcements – we’re pleased to keep working with them on making deployments easy, from developer desktop to production stack.

We encourage you to check the new curriculum out today, and please don’t hesitate to provide feedback to us (@cloudnativeapps). And if you’re still curious about how VMware is supporting DevOps in the enterprise, you can also check out our new DevOps @ VMworld program (hope to see you there, as well).

About the Author: Karthik Narayan is a Product Manager for the Cloud-Native Apps team at VMware, and works on AppCatalyst