kitcolbertThis morning, I’m pleased to announce that VMware is joining Google and the Linux Foundation (among others) as inaugural members of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). You can read more about the foundation itself here.

We’ll be working with industry leaders to shape and support standards for managing distributed applications on cloud infrastructure. Over the past few years, cloud-based computing and application development have become especially important to our customers and the technology communities in which we work, so we’re especially excited to be joining CNCF today.

Of course, we have been working collaboratively within the ecosystem for some time. We’re founding members of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, which develops open PaaS standards across our industry. More recently, we joined the Open Container Project, which was formed to enable users and companies to continue to innovate and develop container-based solutions.

As an early and enthusiastic member of the Kubernetes community, and one of the contributors who has helped push Kubernetes to version 1.0, joining the CNCF is a natural move for us and a logical extension of our support for robust, open tools and frameworks. We, along with Google, recognize the importance of defining next-generation, cloud-native architecture for our customers through collaborative and open means.

Our support for CNCF only adds to our existing push towards open standards and interoperability, and will help to make sure that we keep delivering the best infrastructure to our customers: infrastructure that’s secure and scalable within the cloud, and affords businesses the agility that comes with cross-platform interoperability.

For even more depth on CNCF, follow along with the announcement this morning, and be sure to stay tuned for more details on the work we’ll be doing with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation!