jrosoffToday, I’ll be on a panel at CoreOS Fest, where I’ll be joined by colleagues from Google, Intel, Mesosphere, and of course, our hosts at CoreOS. We’ll discuss how changes in application architecture and development impact data center operations, and vice-versa.

It’s a subject we’ve paid a lot of attention to here at VMware. Our stated goal has been to ensure that developers are first-class users of the data center, but that takes on greater significance as those development teams work in increasingly shorter cycles.

That speed introduces new integration and deployment challenges throughout the application lifecycle, and blurs the line between developers and operations engineers.

The applications produced by these teams are also increasingly built with microservices delivered via containers, introducing additional challenges around security and monitoring.

These applications are increasingly relying on distributed databases, which requires that we change how we look at stateful services, storage and data management.

And of course, these new applications need to interoperate with the rest of the systems we built in the past.

It’s an evolving landscape, with a lot of viewpoints and possible solutions to consider.

If you’re at CoreOS Fest, come by the panel today (at 2:20pm Pacific) for a far more nuanced discussion on the above with some very talented peers. Also, be sure to stop by the VMware table to pick up some sweet swag.

About the AuthorJared Rosoff is the senior director of engineering for Cloud-Native Apps at VMware, where he oversees the company’s cloud-native portfolio of products.