Today, the CoreOS and vSphere teams are announcing production support for CoreOS Linux on vSphere 5.5, which gives our customers another fantastic option for a container runtime environment enabling streamlined application delivery and portability. It’s a good development for both companies and our mutual customers: CoreOS is beloved by developers building scalable, next-generation applications, while VMware provides trusted infrastructure solutions for the enterprise. Altogether, it’s a great match.

As containers and the ecosystem around them matures, we’re committed to making sure our customers can leverage their current investments to build and scale next-generation applications. As we’ve made clear before, VMware wants to assure businesses that they can continue to run their most critical applications on a single platform. With partners like CoreOS, we can do this without introducing cumbersome infrastructure silos that can come with implementing new solutions.

Both VMware and CoreOS will be working to extend support of CoreOS to the recently-announced vSphere 6; in the meantime, we’ll keep plugging away on more solutions like common application blueprints, and Mesos and Kubernetes integrations to make sure we can deliver choice without silos for our customers.

We’ll talk with you soon! (Or sooner – remember, we’re always reachable at @cloudnativeapps)