kitcolbertThis September 2014 marked my 11 year anniversary at VMware.  When I look back at my time here, I’m inspired by the things we’ve done as a company. We’ve always pushed the envelope on behalf of our customers, and that continues today with my transition from the End-User Computing group at VMware to new role within the Office of the CTO, focusing on Cloud-Native Apps.

The Rise of Cloud-Native Apps 
There are tectonic shifts happening in the enterprise, particularly in how applications are developed and operated (e.g. DevOps), how they’re architected (e.g. micro-services and 12-factor apps), and how they’re deployed (e.g. Docker and containers). We call these applications “cloud-native” as they’re designed for the mobile-cloud era. Naturally, these cloud-native apps impact how IT decisions are made and which factors are considered in architecting a datacenter infrastructure. The need to build and deploy apps quickly means developers and operations engineers are working more closely than ever, and that developers are increasingly influential in designing the enterprise stack. We’ve built some great products and partnerships here at VMware to address these trends, but we also recognize the need for more comprehensive solutions that help our customers thrive in the mobile-cloud era.

My focus will be to ensure that we capitalize on our considerable experience delivering proven solutions to our more than 500,000 customers, and to provide them with solutions tailored to this new environment. VMware’s goal has long been to help businesses build, deploy, and operate their applications, even in the most stringent production environments. The rise of cloud-native applications presents an opportunity for us to further that goal by providing solutions that span from the developer desktop, through the DevOps lifecycle, and to the production stack where these apps are deployed and operated.

While this post officially kicks off our Cloud-Native blog, we’ve been thinking about and blogging on these topics for some time:

Stay Tuned for Cloud-Native Apps News, Hacks and More 
My first 11 years here were great. But in my mind, the real fun is just beginning! As always, there’s a lot happening here at VMware, and we’re excited to share this news with you. Please follow this blog for our latest announcements, updates, thoughts, and random hacks. We look forward to getting to know you better here at Cloud-Native Apps blog or on Twitter!

About the Author: Kit Colbert drives strategy and product development of third platform application solutions across the company. Previously, he was CTO of VMware’s End-User Computing business unit, Chief Architect and Principal Engineer for Workspace Portal, and the lead Management Architect for VMware vSphere Operations Suite. At the start of the career, he was the technical lead behind the creation, development, and delivery of the vMotion and Storage vMotion features in vSphere. Kit holds a ScB in Computer Science from Brown University and is recognized as a thought-leader on third platform, end-user computing, and cloud management trends. He speaks regularly at industry conferences, on the main stage at VMworld, and is the Cloud-Native and EUC voice for the VMware Office of the CTO Blog.