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Why CloudHealth Secure State won Gold for Cybersecurity Excellence in Cloud Configuration Management

Managing misconfiguration risk to prevent data breaches and improve cloud security posture is a key priority for IT and developer teams. But finding a solution that’s easy to operationalize can be very challenging. Recently, VMware announced that CloudHealth Secure State won gold for cloud configuration management at cybersecurity excellence awards. 

If you haven’t read that news yet, no worries. For background, Cybersecurity Excellence is an award program organized by Cybersecurity Insiders to recognize companies, products, and professionals that demonstrate excellence, innovation, and leadership in information security. With over 900 entries in more than 250 award categories, the 2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards program was highly competitive.  

In this short blog, I want to share the three reasons why judges chose CloudHealth Secure State as industry’s best solution for cloud configuration management. But before I get there, I realize some of you might be wondering “CloudHealth? Isn’t that the solution my team uses to manage public cloud costs? Why didn’t I know we could use CloudHealth for managing configuration risk?”  

If that’s you, don’t be embarrassed. We get this question from many CloudHealth customers. However, be prepared to be pleasantly surprised about CloudHealth’s strength in cloud configuration security by the end of this blog.

CloudHealth Secure State: What is it and how it works?

CloudHealth Secure State is a relatively newer, cloud native security SaaS from CloudHealth, launched only three years back. Within this short span, CloudHealth Secure State has quickly become a market leader that has transformed public cloud security at many companies, ranging from born-in thecloud startups to global conglomerates, delivering advanced risk visibility and protecting over 62M assets in AWS, Azure, and Google cloud environments. 

Today, the service includes a market-leading, real-time governance engine with support for over 1000 pre-defined security rules, 350 cloud services, and 18 industry frameworks to help identify misconfigurations and benchmark regulatory compliance across multi-cloud environments.  

While visibility is key, our mission is also to help your teams collaborate, reduce alert noise, and take actions that mitigate risk. We deliver this with the help of a highly flexible action framework that includes a combination of automated alerts, filters, exception handling workflows, and auto-remediation jobs to resolve security and compliance findings.  

I realize that this is just a quick introduction of how CloudHealth Secure State can help your team. If you are curious about learning the nuts and bolts of how the solution works, check out our website and request a free trial today.  

This brings me to the key point i.e., the reasons why judges chose CloudHealth Secure State as the gold award winner for cybersecurity excellence in cloud configuration management.  

3 Reasons Why We Won This Award

#1: A deeper understanding of cloud risk 

The secret sauce that powers CloudHealth Secure State is its next-generation architecture that leverages a graph database to assess cloud resource dependencies and a security & compliance assessment that correlates risk due to resource relationships, misconfigurations, threats, IAM permissions, and change activity in a single actionable view 

On top of this architecture, CloudHealth Secure State delivers a unified search and investigation engine to improve visibility, security, and compliance simultaneously across multiple public cloud environments. 

Unlike other cloud security posture management solutions that take an isolated approach to risk detection, CloudHealth Secure State’s interconnected resources model intelligently inspects service dependencies such as those across managed Kubernetes clusters and connected public cloud resources to help identify different paths a criminal may take to access sensitive data or escalate privileges to hijack cloud accounts. 

#2: Speed in preventing security breaches 

Rather than rely on traditional approaches for scanning cloud environments, CloudHealth Secure State has pioneered an event-driven, micro-inventory architecture that detects 95% of security & compliance findings within 6 seconds of an asset change notification.  

Users can also bolster governance standards and find misconfigurations that otherwise go undetected by creating custom security & compliance rules and frameworks within minutes using our low-code approach. Several cloud security engineers have told us that prior to using CloudHealth, they used to spend days writing custom code and maintaining security & compliance policies.   

Additionally, a flexible remediation framework enables our users to click to fix known violations at bulk as well as build automated guardrails that prevent misconfigurations from happening. And all this can be done with a least privileged security approach, without granting our SaaS platform with write access to your cloud environment. 

#3: Ease of operationalizing cloud security 

Built on a scalable cloud architecture, our SaaS platform’s proven to secure massive enterprises, including those with over 20,000 public cloud accounts in a single organization. Service users get reliable access to real-time security data and peace of mind to protect future cloud growth.  

Unique workflows for routing security insights enable developers to automatically suppress false positives and subscribe to relevant alerts while enabling IT admins to centrally govern cloud security.   

With CloudHealth’s expert customer success guidance, companies can build a holistic Cloud Centers of Excellence strategy and achieve business outcomes through simplified financial management, operational governance, and security & compliance risk management.  

And while we are delighted and honored to receive this award, Cybersecurity Excellence isn’t the only program to recognize CloudHealth Secure State’s strengths in cloud configuration management. Last year, DeveloperWeek named CloudHealth Secure State as the “Best Innovation in Enterprise Solutions” for our ability to help drive collaboration between developer, security, and operations teams.  That’s back-to-back wins for our CloudHealth Secure State team! So, if you are interested in learning how your organization can leverage our solution to manage risk in AWS, Azure, Google, or Kubernetes anywhere, request our 14-day free trial today