Migration Product Updates

Introducing the vRealize Operations Integration for CloudHealth

We’re excited to announce the general availability of the VMware vRealize® Operations Integration™ for CloudHealth® to create a bi-directional approach for multi-cloud management.

Organizations worldwide are continuing to migrate to the public cloud and adopt a multi-cloud strategy. From our Global Assessment of Cloud Management Maturity, 46.7% of respondents indicated that they have a multi-cloud strategy and an additional 21.9% are on-premises and looking to migrate.

At VMware, we’re committed to helping customers accelerate their digital transformation and optimize their multi-cloud infrastructure. As part of this commitment, teams from VMware vRealize Operations, a recognized leader in on-premises data center, private, and hybrid cloud management, and CloudHealth, a recognized leader in public cloud management, have worked together to create a bi-directional approach for multi-cloud management.

With the existing VMware vRealize Operations Management Pack for CloudHealth, public cloud costs from CloudHealth are ingested into vRealize Operations Manager. Today, we’re announcing the general availability of the VMware vRealize® Operations Integration™ for CloudHealth® which collects cost, usage, and asset inventory for vSphere from vRealize Operations and ingests it into CloudHealth. This integration is available as a management pack, compatible with vRealize Operations version 8.2 and above, and it supports both vRealize Operations on-premises and vRealize Operations Cloud.

vrealize cloudhealth integration diagram

What is the value of the integration?

In previous blog articles, we’ve highlighted how the vRealize suite and CloudHealth by VMware portfolio meet the needs of different users. vRealize Operations is most often used by VI and System Administrators to drive efficient operations in private and hybrid clouds (provisioning, troubleshooting, automation,etc.). CloudHealth is most often used by cloud admins, engineering teams, and FinOps practitioners to drive improved business outcomes in public and multi-cloud environments (visibility, optimization, governance, business integration).

With this new bi-directional integration, users across an organization can now see the entire cloud ecosystem in one place, with a single source of truth to access the data they need in the context and platform most relevant to them.

Ready to get started? Download the Management Pack from VMware Marketplace!

And if you’re looking for more information on how to operationalize your multi-cloud strategy, we recommend you start with our free Cloud Management Maturity Assessment. In just a few minutes, you can see how your cloud management maturity compares to your peers, and then receive a personalized action plan with next steps to take your maturity to the next level across cloud financial management, operations, and security and compliance. Get started today!