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Top CloudHealth Product Updates In 2018

In 2018, we announced over 150 product updates to the CloudHealth platform across multiple cloud service providers and stages of cloud maturity. This could not have been accomplished without the continuous feedback and support from our customers and partners, and the hard work of our employees worldwide.


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Deepend Multicloud Support

As the most trusted cloud management platform, 2018 marked a year of continued development and support for multicloud environments. 

Notable updates include: 

Amazon ECS Support

With CloudHealth support for Amazon ECS, customers have the ability to see granular costs by cluster, label, and task, as well as identify resource optimization opportunities. The addition of Amazon ECS to our existing Kubernetes and Mesos support provides coverage for the majority of orchestrators our customers use.

Azure Reserved Virtual Machine Instances

CloudHealth provides comprehensive support for Azure Reserved Virtual Machine (VM) Instances, including size flexible reservations. Customers can save time modeling purchases, analyze their RI usage to identify areas for optimization, and leverage amortization reports to see how the one-time upfront cost is distributed over the useful life of the RI.

Google Cloud Platform

With the general availability of CloudHealth support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP), customers gain granular visibility into resource usage and consumption trending to help save on cost and add more accountability within their GCP environment. We are just getting started on our GCP support and we are excited for customers who are part of this journey.



Enhanced Support for Our Partners

This was a banner year for the CloudHealth partner program, with more than 15 Partner Platform updates, including:

Partner Billing Families

This update was built to help our partners handle complex billing situations they enter into with customers. Our new billing block format allows multiple combinations of standalone and consolidated accounts to be combined into a single customer tenant. In addition, the Partner Billing Engine can now pass through an entire consolidated bill that is owned by the customer.

Partner Custom Price Books API

CloudHealth allows partners to define custom contract rates for AWS billing through our Partner Generated Billing engine. Price Books can serve as a running view of all custom pricing applied to a single customer over time, or you can apply a single price book across multiple customers. Custom Price Books will help partners streamline their AWS billing operations and accurately reflect the cost of their services back to their customers.

Cross-Customer Report

We have the ability to report across customers for those in our partner community. This new report will show partners the cost history for their customers as well as the ability to see their margin across those customers.



Increased Value at Each Stage of Cloud Maturity

The best way to govern dynamic cloud environments at scale is to implement automated policies that allow you to manage your environment in a relatively hands-off manner. This year we wanted to reiterate that CloudHealth is more than just a cost management platform by expanding upon our governance and security capabilities.

Azure Automated Actions

CloudHealth now has automation capabilities for Azure, including actions to start, restart, stop and deallocate, and resize virtual machines. These actions are available in the Virtual Machine Asset Report, the Virtual Machine Rightsizing Report, and in the policy engine.

Security Threat Detection

CloudHealth leverages AWS Security Best Practices and the Center for Internet Security AWS and Azure Foundations Frameworks to validate your security posture. Customers can gain deeper insight into the state of any violations, including affected resources and policy rule documentation.



Extended Training and Enablement

Improving cloud management knowledge and expertise among our community is a key priority for us. This year we expanded our CloudHealth Academy videos to include containers, Google Cloud Platform, security functionality, and more. Perhaps the most notable announcement was the launch of the CloudHealth Certification. The CloudHealth Platform Administrator – Associate exam was released in January of 2018 and was followed a few months later by the CloudHealth Certified Partner Platform Specialist exam. The certification establishes your credibility as a CloudHealth expert. It also provides a competitive advantage for you and your organization in the marketplace.