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Softcat Delivers Cost Savings And Control For Their Customers

Softcat, one of the UK’s leading technology solutions and services provider, helps their customers tackle various IT challenges ranging from security and compliance to asset management.

Softcat’s relationship with CloudHealth by VMware formed out of a need to offer financial management and cost control within the cloud to their customers—two critical aspects of cloud management Softcat customers weren’t previously focusing on.

We sat down with Nick Barron, Product Manager – Cloud Services at Softcat, to learn more about how this partnership is helping customers succeed in the cloud. Softcat currently sees the most value coming from CloudHeath’s cost management and cost control, both for themselves as well as their customers. As cost visibility and management improves, the value of CloudHealth extends into more mature phases of an organization’s cloud journey, including governance and security. Softcat is finding equal value in the CloudHealth team, with local teams in the UK and EMEA helping launch the service to customers quickly and by providing ongoing operational support.

Watch our short interview with Nick below to learn how Softcat is leveraging the CloudHealth platform to ensure it’s customers are getting the visibility they need to succeed in the cloud.

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You can watch the full interview here.