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Rumor: New CloudHealth Employee Onboarding Requirement

CloudHealth by VMware has rolled out a major change to the employee onboarding process! An already rigorous process, CloudHealth onboarding comprises IT setup, learning the company mission, understanding the product offerings, persona training, and learning about the work of the various departments. In addition to all of that, all new employees will now attend a 30-minute Selfie Bootcamp Session! Yes, you read that correctly.

The session will be taught by resident Selfie Queen, Gabriela Veloz, one of our Regional Sales Managers. Throughout her four year tenure with CloudHealth, she has mastered the ‘Selfie Game’ and is often seen taking selfies with VMware and CloudHealth leaders.


The CloudHealth team has a #selfies Slack channel to keep everyone engaged and connected worldwide. Company culture is extremely important to the CloudHealth business unit and VMware as a whole. Humor is a core cultural tenant for CloudHealth and the business unit wants all employees to feel comfortable expressing themselves. 


Of all the benefits that working at CloudHealth by VMware offers, who would have thought that improving your Selfie Game was among them? We are hiring for roles in several departments and are continuing to expand our offices globally, visit to see our current openings. If you have a good sense of humor, this may be the place for you!