Financial Management Migration Product Updates

Introducing Partner Generated Billing for Google Cloud Platform

With growing frequency, customers worldwide look to their managed service providers (MSPs) to have deeper involvement in their financial management needs across multiple cloud environments. CloudHealth’s partner community has played a pivotal role in answering this call to ease the burden customers face in their cloud financial management and free their capacity to instead drive agility, innovation, and efficiency for their businesses.

According to Gartner®, “In mature economies, 45% of large organizations have engaged with MSPs for cloud-native architecture and operations; this will increase to 61% by 2026.”[1] Managed service providers must be prepared to not only meet this growing need but also have the systems in place to ensure that accurate, timely, and segmented billing and usage reporting is delivered to their customers.

With this in mind, we are announcing a key update to the CloudHealth Partner Platform’s Partner Generated Billing (PGB) capability, expanding availability to partners managing Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environments for their customers. This release joins existing partner generated billing capabilities already available for partners managing AWS and Azure customer environments.

Our partner generated billing engine allows managed service providers to both maintain a centralized bill of all managed customer spend, while also providing each customer with their own bill specific to their cost and usage. The centralized bill allows partners to maintain the tiered discounts and service delivery they have arranged with cloud service providers, and each customer bill can be customized by the partner to include discounts, markups, or services as specified by their business agreements.

For partners linking customer accounts to their master account, partner generated billing will produce accurate billing and usage artifacts for customers based on the business rules set up for them by a managed service provider. With the use of billing “blocks”, or subsets of accounts, you can build billing arrangements for your customers that make it easier to identify cloud cost and usage based on different billing units, projects, or other groupings.

VMware is committed to supporting managed service providers as they accelerate their customers’ journey to cloud maturity. With the general availability of partner generated billing for GCP customers in the CloudHealth Partner Platform, partners can meet customer needs and demonstrate their value through a more comprehensive service delivery.

Reach out to CloudHealth for a demo or for more information on how partner generated billing can help you better serve your customers.

[1] Gartner, Forecast Analysis: Cloud Managed Services, Worldwide, Brandon Medford, Colleen Graham, 11 October 2021

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