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Oblivion Cloud Control Improves Customer Cloud Management at Scale with CloudHealth

Oblivion Cloud Control partners with CloudHealth to help their customers plan, manage, and optimize their cloud environments at scale.

Oblivion Cloud Control is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Consultancy and Channel Partner focused on guiding customers to become self-sufficient and successful in the cloud. This is done by architecting, planning, migrating, and implementing large-scale cloud computing solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries, as well as providing guidance, resources, and training.

Oblivion Cloud Control partners with CloudHealth to help their customers identify optimization opportunities and save on cloud costs. Michel Zitman, Cloud Financial Management Practice Lead at Oblivion Cloud Control states, “It was about the vision and potential of the product and the fact that we could include the CloudHealth platform to enrich our service offering.”

Granular analysis and custom reporting

Key features of the CloudHealth platform that Oblivion Cloud Control leverages with their customers include the ability to view detailed cost and usage reports and utilize data for accurate forecasting and capacity planning. Additionally, CloudHealth’s Perspectives enable customers to build customizable dashboards and reports segmented by lines of business, projects, cost centers, and other categories important to their business.

It’s really powerful for our customers to dig into how their teams are performing and where to chargeback, showback, and optimize.

Mudit Gupta

Cloud Systems Engineer, Oblivion Cloud Control

Leveraging cloud policy automation

Oblivion Cloud Control largely credits CloudHealth’s automation capabilities with their ability to successfully serve customers at scale. Michel says that they are “leveraging CloudHealth functionalities in a way that enables us to manage our customers at scale. Without automation, it becomes impossible to do that.” 

In particular, CloudHealth’s APIs trigger functions that add accounts on the partner and customer level to the appropriate billing block. This process drives Oblivion Cloud Control’s internal account vending machine that deploys accounts automatically. To update policies, Oblivion Cloud Control created a code pipeline that’s triggered when policies are updated, enabling functions that deploy and update policies across all accounts automatically. 

Oblivion Cloud Control also uses CloudHealth policies to show when a customer’s Reserved Instances are set to expire, thereby saving customers’ cloud costs and reducing the time employees previously spent monitoring customers’ cloud environments.

You can learn more about automated cloud policy management in our article here.

Moving forward

The partnership between Oblivion Cloud Control and CloudHealth has evolved over the last few years and will continue to develop, as more and more customers rely on the platform to manage, automate, and optimize their cloud environments. You can learn more about the partnership in the complete case study here.

And if you’re like Oblivion Cloud Control, and interested in accelerating your cloud business as a managed service provider to deliver more value to your customers, please reach out to us about becoming a CloudHealth partner today. A member of our Partner Program team will be happy to connect with you and discuss next steps. 

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