Cloud Security Migration Success Stories

Jobcase Puts People First With a Modern DevOps and Cloud Security Strategy

With CloudHealth and a modern DevOps approach, Jobcase has scaled cloud security controls, accelerated risk remediation, and created more time for employees to focus on delivering solutions for their customers.

Jobcase is a social media platform dedicated to empowering the world’s workforce. With over 105 million members and 25 million unique visitors per month, Jobcase opens access to job opportunities, provides a space for workers to connect and support each other, and offers tools to help workers create a better work-life.

Particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, Jobcase has provided valuable resources for frontline employees, remote workers, and those seeking employment. “Obviously during the pandemic, there’s been a large focus on frontline workers and making sure they’re supported,” shared Patrick Hetherton, the VP of Technical Operations at Jobcase.

Adopting DevOps

Traditionally, Jobcase’s operations and development teams worked separately and relied on manual tasks to build infrastructure or deploy workloads. As the business grew rapidly, Patrick led an internal mission to modernize the way they worked with a DevOps approach. By creating a unified software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) function, the team aimed at shortening the development lifecycle and driving secure cloud operations.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. We go back and forth with the development teams a lot to make sure we’re addressing their needs and concerns while still being able to turn out a quality product quickly.

Patrick Hetherton

VP of Technical Operations, Jobcase

You can see Jobcase’s best practices for successful DevOps in the complete case study.

Prioritizing cloud security with CloudHealth Secure State

Given DevOps success relies on enabling a continuous rolling build, developers are ideally given the instructions they need to write secure code from the outset. To help accelerate this process and optimize their cloud security, Jobcase adopted CloudHealth Secure State (CHSS). 

CHSS ties together all the cloud services Jobcase uses between AWS and CloudHealth for a unified cloud security monitoring approach. Within the platform, they created custom security checks to quickly identify risks and remediate. Jobcase also integrated CHSS alerts with Slack so they could be notified of potential security threats at any time.

Taking security to the next level with automation

Automation is an important piece of Jobcase’s cloud security strategy. Using CloudHealth’s automation capabilities, the team has been able to scale security controls, accelerate risk remediation, and create more time for employees to focus on delivering solutions for their customers.

We’ve had to pivot very quickly in these times and CloudHealth has been a good mix of security and velocity that has kept us going to make sure Jobcase is meeting the needs of its customers.

Patrick Hetherton

VP of Technical Operations, Jobcase

To learn more about how Jobcase leverages a modern DevOps and cloud security strategy, read the complete case study here or see Jobcase’s CloudHealth LIVE session recording here.