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Introducing Our CloudHealth CHampions!

As we enter the final quarter of the year we want to take the time to recognize our customers who have realized significant benefits by leveraging the CloudHealth platform. Today, we are introducing just a few of our many CloudHealth CHampions:

1. Visibility CHampion: Tim Wall, Architect, CloudLock

Tim Wall, Architect at CloudLock, needed to be able to analyze the raw data coming from their AWS environment. However, he wanted his team to remain focused on security and compliance for their customers — not spending valuable time trying to analyze and report on cloud data. Tim decided CloudHealth was the right solution for CloudLock, because it allows the team to get a consolidated view across different sources of information, and the ability to create dynamic business groupings known as Perspectives.

“We have teams assigned to monitor their own expense usage and resource usage. Now, everyone has an understandable visibility into their team’s AWS environment. This allows them to independently make innovative decisions to determine, hey, I need to optimize this or here, I have some resources not being used.”

2. Cost Management CHampions: Kevin Blackham, Sr. Systems Architect, and Jeff Julander, Sr. Systems Administrator, Instructure

Kevin Blackham, Sr. Systems Architect, and Jeff Julander, Sr. Systems Administrator, are both highly ingrained in managing Instructure’s AWS environment. Two of the issues that they came across are the need for enhanced visibility and improved cost management. Kevin and Jeff rely on CloudHealth to help them manage Instructure’s environment as it fluctuates with the school year.

“Through various optimization initiatives, we’ve cumulatively saved approximately two million dollars overall. CloudHealth is a major player in that scenario, whether it’s helping us make intelligent RI purchasing decisions, or simply making a recommendation for switching instance type,” says Jeff Julander.

3. Governance CHampion: Charmaine Honeycutt, Systems Administrator, Ziff Davis

Media giant, Ziff Davis, has a large AWS environment as a result of multiple acquisitions of other media companies. Charmaine Honeycutt, Systems Administrator at Ziff Davis, needed a solution to manage the company’s environment across all subsidiaries and lines of business, as well as a centralized view of infrastructure activity. Leveraging the CloudHealth policy-driven platform, Charmaine’s team has been able to automate operational tasks to optimize and maintain governance of their cloud environment.

“We’ve set up automated workflows to delete unused EBS volumes. That alone saves us around 400 dollars a month. We had no way of doing that previously, and no way to track elastic IPs, either.”