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A Founder’s Journey: CloudHealth To VMware And Beyond

About 7 years ago, I joined Dan Phillips and Joe Kinsella on an adventure to try and build a Cloud Management Platform. Basically, we had a whole bunch of slides spread over Dan’s dining room table and a bunch of scripts and API extract code that Joe had been using to look at AWS infrastructure. But Joe had a vision and Dan thought there was something there, so I was in for building a business from scratch; what more could you possibly need, except a little luck?

And so, the journey was started, and we closed our Series A with .406 Ventures and SigmaPrime Ventures; hired a great executive team, recruited the best people we could find and set out to conquer the cloud! But one very critical component that we all agreed that we absolutely needed as a foundation for CloudHealth (originally known as CloudPercept, but nobody could say it 3 times fast) was something that I came to call the CloudHealth Spirit. We agreed from the start that it was critical that everyone we hired believed in transparency, honesty, dedication, and team. Oh yeah, and fun—we had to have fun. This foundation became one of the biggest factors in the many achievements we made along our journey, as it allowed us to get the best people, overcome obstacles and challenges, and build a well-oiled machine that was fine-tuned for the new cloud and SaaS marketplace that has evolved so dynamically right before our eyes.

We were able to build a highly successful platform by building a brand and a customer base that rocketed us into a leadership position in one of the fastest-growing markets around. Our team grew and changed over time, but we held onto that CloudHealth Spirit and this eventually led us to the strategic acquisition by VMware one year ago. In my 35+ years in high tech, I have been involved with several M&A activities, on both sides and in a number of roles, as well as worked for large corporations and small startups. So, I knew that this step would possibly change everything about CloudHealth and I quite frankly did not know how it would all work out.

The VMware family welcomed us with open arms, making us feel right at home and doing everything they could to help us be successful and feel part of their family. Granted, you know families…there are always a few “problems”. But we would add a little humor and just work through it because we’re building something special here yet again, a true industry-leading platform for cloud management made for the next paradigm of cloud computing (yes Joe, I do listen to your presentations, sometimes).


Without any hesitation, the Cloudhealth team have dove headfirst into the vast organization of VMware to build relationships and access resources that have accelerated our dominance in the cloud management market. We have educated and amazed hundreds of our new colleagues and customers with our drive and expertise, as well as an amazing SaaS Cloud Management Platform, all while hitting our business goals and expanding dramatically into the enterprise space. In every function of the organization, we have reached out and learned how to leverage the VMware brand and resources and truly build a unified vision of cloud management for the next decade and beyond.

So, as we mark this 1-year anniversary as part of VMware, I want to thank the VMware family for the warm welcome, support, their vision of the future for CloudHealth, and helping to make Joe’s, Dan’s, and my vision come true. And to the CloudHealth team, new and old, never lose your CloudHealth Spirit.