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The New Era Of Cloud Management Is Arriving

This morning at CloudLIVE 2019, Joe Kinsella unveiled our vision for the future of cloud management. In 2012, CloudHealth Technologies disrupted the cloud management market by delivering a solution that enabled companies to gain visibility into their public clouds aligned by team, department, or application. The largest consumers of public cloud in the world rely on CloudHealth to optimize, secure, and govern over $10B in combined cloud spend. 

We plan to disrupt this market again by bringing to market a scalable, flexible, and contextual suite of products that will allow customers to drive optimization and governance in their public cloud environments without hampering innovation and agility. How do we plan to do this? In Joe’s keynote, he outlined three key tenets at the core of our strategy — building a suite that is:

  • Scalable: To be scalable in today’s environment, a platform must be API-centric, real-time, and be able to meet the needs of the largest consumers of the public cloud. The next era of cloud management platforms enable you to keep pace with a rapidly growing environment without losing your nights and weekends.
  • Contextual: In large cloud deployments, the rate of change alone drives massive complexity that is challenging to manage. In order to succeed, you must be able to separate the signal from the noise and get the right information to the right people at the right time. The key to this is a platform that provides recommendations that are actionable because they contain business context. 
  • Flexible: For an organization to be successful in the multicloud, they need a platform that is easily used by many different types of personas and teams, from finance to engineering to operations and line of business. But each persona and department has a unique set of requirements. You need a platform that allows you to curate and control the user’s experience and data access.

A vision is great, but the ability to execute on that vision is what really matters. Here is a preview of a few new capabilities that showcase how we’re making this vision real:

  • FlexOrgs Preview: This new capability enables customers to build CloudHealth organizations that closely reflect their business, providing them with the flexibility they require. With FlexOrgs, you can create and delegate sub-organizations via API up to 10 levels deep, with each sub-organization inheriting permissions from the parent org. Now, every organization can work independently with decentralized management, while maintaining centralized visibility and control.
  • CloudHealth Hybrid Beta: CloudHealth Hybrid extends CloudHealth’s multicloud optimization, governance, and security capabilities to VMware Cloud on AWS. In addition, CloudHealth Hybrid now provides rightsizing recommendations for optimizing vSphere environments. Learn more about CloudHealth Hybrid.
  • Explore Beta: Explore, a new capability within VMware Secure State, enables you to visually navigate your multicloud infrastructure to quickly discover and interpret potential vulnerabilities. Gain access to an interconnected cloud security model that enables you to collaborate and investigate security issues in a more flexible way.
  • Compliance Dashboards Beta: With VMware Secure State Compliance Dashboards, users can audit how compliant their AWS and Azure accounts are with rules mapped to CIS, NIST, GDPR, HIPPA, SOC2 and PCI frameworks. Visualize key metrics, newly discovered and open violations, as well as the progress towards resolving historically discovered compliance gaps.
  • Azure Health Check Pulse: Save time and money with this executive dashboard that provides a 360-degree view of potential opportunities to improve optimization and governance across your Azure environment for the given month. Learn more about the Azure Health Check Pulse.
  • Project P.I.: Ensuring the success of our partners is core to our strategy at CloudHealth. We continue to invest in our partners and develop (or offer) new services that will provide them visibility into the health of their business, as well as guidance to improve efficiency and drive customer retention. 
  • Forrester MSP Report: Beyond the Platform itself, we’re committed to helping our managed service provider partners around the world be successful. That’s why we commissioned Forrester Consulting to discover the real obstacles and opportunities facing cloud MSPs today, and find out how multicloud will impact everyone’s future cloud strategy. Download the report today.

The new era of multicloud requires a new era of multicloud management platforms. This means extending beyond single products meeting the needs of individual teams or departments, to a suite of solutions to solve problems across finance, IT, operations, engineering, security, and line of business. We made a huge leap in this direction by announcing VMware Secure State, a best of breed security and compliance solution from CloudHealth earlier this year. Together, these new multicloud management platforms will be the engine powering the Cloud Center of Excellence, the communication vehicle for disparate teams and groups, and the single source of truth for empowering decision-making enterprise-wide.

The new era of multicloud management management platforms must solve problems across cost, security, governance, and performance, and must also be scalable, contextual, and flexible. With this power at your disposal, you can start to transform central IT into a value center.