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CloudLIVE 2021: Take Control of Your Cloud Financial Management

CloudLIVE 2021 is just a month away! We can’t wait to connect with the global cloud community to share lessons learned and best practices for accelerating business transformation in the cloud.

This year, we have three unique tracks planned, so you can focus on what is most important to you and the specific needs of your business. Modeled around our cloud management maturity framework, the three tracks are cloud financial management, cloud optimization and governance, and cloud security and compliance.

In this article, we’ll be expanding on the financial management track, but keep an eye on the CloudHealth blog, where we’ll be providing key highlights and things to look forward to in the other two tracks as well.

The cloud financial management track at-a-glance

Cloud financial management—also known as FinOps or cloud cost management—helps organizations align their cloud investments with strategic business initiatives. This track covers best practices for cost reporting, cost optimization, and driving financial accountability across business groups.

Customer-led sessions you don’t want to miss

You can refer to the detailed agenda online to see when sessions are aired live in your time zone. And as a reminder, all registrants will also have access to the sessions on-demand, so no matter where you’re located, you won’t have to miss a thing. Here are some of our featured customer-led sessions focused on cloud financial management:

The Power of FlexReports: Enhancing Reporting Capabilities While Reducing Complexity

Nuno Vilas, Senior DevOps Engineer MultiCloud, SAP
Jeremy Chaplin, Cloud Solutions Architect, Professional Services, SAP

Effective financial management of a large and complex multi-cloud environment can be a daunting task. Join this session, presented by SAP and the CloudHealth Professional Services team, to understand how SAP has leveraged the power of CloudHealth FlexReports to provide cost transparency to their organization. Featured use cases will include simplifying challenges around Reserved Instance management and utilization, unit economics KPIs, and more.

Beginning Your Cloud Financial Management Journey

Tatum Tummins, R&D Effectiveness Manager, Change Healthcare

Looking to take the next step in your cloud financial management journey? Join this session to learn how Change Healthcare has accelerated their cloud financial management strategy over the past three years and how they built accountability through the CloudHealth platform. Whether you’re just starting out in your cloud financial management journey, or trying to determine what’s next, this session will answer all your questions and provide examples to help you make the next move.

Driving Multi-Cloud Business Value For Shell

Jacob Brown, Business Analyst, Shell
Tammy Burnitt, Senior Capacity Management Lead, Shell

Join this session to learn about Shell’s FinOps journey and how it is enabled by Cloudhealth FlexReports. This session will give an overview of how Shell drives operational efficiency through the use of the FinOps framework to optimize multi-cloud costs and usage against annual budgets and supplier committed spend. This session will also cover how FlexReports underpins this FinOps journey through billing transparency as benchmarked against measurable KPIs, budgets, and commitments.

SRE + FinOps = Win

Riley Jenkins, Senior SRE Architect, Domo

Are you responsible for empowering developers and enhancing your FinOps efforts? At Domo, the FinOps and SRE (Site Reliability Engineer) organizations are combined. In this session, we’ll discuss how by combining both disciplines, cost optimization efforts influence system design, deployment strategies, and committed spend decisions. Riley Jenkins, Sr SRE/FinOps Engineer at Domo, explains their journey to empower developers and explains how companies can enhance their FinOps efforts.

Cost Control in a Decentralized Organization: Robert Half’s Strategy for Providing Flexibility and Cost Savings

James Fogerson, Sr. Manager, Cloud Center of Excellence, Robert Half

Purchasing and managing Reserved Instances (RIs) and Savings Plans are among the most effective ways to control cloud costs. Join this session to learn how Robert Half achieves an approximately 90% EC2 Reserved Instance and Savings Plan coverage rate, while minimizing unused RIs. This session will cover the activities that take place in order to monitor and optimize purchases, processes for engaging teams to understand usage patterns, and how results are communicated to senior management.

Level up your skills with CloudHealth training courses

CloudLIVE 2021 features a variety of training courses led by CloudHealth experts across multiple experience levels. So whether you’re brand new to CloudHealth or you’ve been a customer for a while, you’ll walk away with new, practical ways to monitor, optimize, and govern your cloud environment with CloudHealth. By participating in the training courses at CloudLIVE, you’ll also be one step closer to passing the CloudHealth Certification exam!

Here’s a preview of the sessions focused on cloud financial management…

  • Clarifying your cloud costs: Learn how to use CloudHealth for accurate reporting, cost allocation, and chargeback or showback.
  • Analyzing trends and setting budgets: Identify patterns in your spending and discover how to input budgets and compare them against actual spend.
  • Maximizing your cloud ROI: Drive accountability for reducing spend across your technical teams by identifying and communicating high areas of spend and determining rightsizing and discount mechanism strategies.
  • Optimizing spend: Explore common areas of high spend (non-compute and compute) and discuss best practices to reduce spend for each service. We’ll discuss services such as snapshots, storage, databases, etc.
  • Setting financial guardrails using policies: Leverage policies and cloud automation to help manage costs, budgets, and reservations.
  • Implementing an effective chargeback or showback model: Determine the true cost of your cloud spend for chargeback or showback purposes through well-built Perspectives, reallocation rules, and amortization reports.
  • Leveraging CloudHealth FlexReports: Learn how you can leverage FlexReports for various reporting needs, including multi-dimension cost visibility, chargeback or showback, Reserved Instance and Savings Plans tracking, and asset level granularity.

This isn’t a complete list of all the sessions CloudLIVE 2021 has to offer, but hopefully it gives you a taste of what you can expect to get out of the event. You can see the detailed agenda, as well as sign up to register, via this link here.

And stay tuned to the blog, where we’ll be featuring the cloud security and compliance track and updates to the networking and entertainment options the event has to offer.