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CloudHealth FlexReports Visualization

In our recent blog “Top CloudHealth by VMware Suite Product Updates in 2021,” we announced that we had over 170+ product updates in the past year. Well, we couldn’t wait to start the year off strong with another product update – CloudHealth FlexReports Visualization.  

To those unfamiliar with this report or need a refresher, CloudHealth FlexReports provides customers the ability to perform granular analysis on cost, usage, and asset data within a single report. Users can leverage the UI and an API backed set of capabilities to define reports formatted to suit their specific business needs.  

What’s New

FlexReports Visualization adds the ability to create a chart table view or a table-only view in addition to the existing FlexReports – allowing users to create meaningful visualization charts without the need to export files. Explore this visualization by changing chart types, x/y category fields, filters, sorting and drilling down to granular data.

 Key Benefits:

  • Enhancing your capability to interpret data
  • Ability to perform trend analysis to see how cost and usage varies over a period
  • View your data in near-real-time

Next Steps

CloudHealth FlexReports give customers greater control with reporting that is fully custom in nature and improves collaboration across teams. Interested in learning more about CloudHealth FlexReports? Reach out to our team for a demo.