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CloudHealth FlexReports Now Generally Available

Delivering actionable insights and trends from the wealth of data produced by consumption of public cloud infrastructure and services has always been at the core of the CloudHealth platform functionality. Our product was created with the understanding that the rate of change at the edge of a business was increasing at an exponential rate, and required a new type of system to visualize and manage that change. Since then, we’ve strived to fulfill this mission with powerful aggregations and visualizations of public cloud data to help businesses progress on their cloud journey. 

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the general availability of CloudHealth FlexReports, a new reporting experience designed to present rich data in a unified manner.

Historically, small groups of stakeholders have managed and governed cost and usage, but a modern enterprise can have hundreds or more decision-makers that need to be given consistent and contextual insights. Different enterprise roles require different questions to be answered from the same data sources. 

Enterprise businesses worldwide are evolving a Cloud Center of Excellence to drive success in the cloud across their organization, and they’re in need of not only direction but also the tools to explore the data backing them to understand cost and usage changes at every level of granularity. FlexReports give customers greater control with reporting that is fully custom in nature and improves collaboration across teams.

screenshot of the cloudhealth platform showing the editing screen of cloudhealth flexreports

We understand that an operations administrator, a financial analyst, and a developer have different needs and uses for analyzing data, and FlexReports aim to help users answer specific inquiries to drive confident decision making. Now, our customers can easily build reports across various dimensions to perform more granular analysis on AWS cost, usage, and asset data. Additionally, they can leverage an extensible API to feed their critical business systems with near-real-time data. The API allows our customers to run SQL like queries against their AWS billing data with a simple CSV output. 

These reports empower financial users to do granular analysis to understand cost drivers at both the asset and tag level. CloudHealth FlexReports give customers greater control with reporting that is fully custom in nature and improves collaboration across teams. 

We’re very excited about taking this step towards unlocking the full power of the data in our platform. Request a demo of the CloudHealth platform today