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Viewing Your Historical CloudHealth Data Gets Easier With Data Archive

At CloudHealth by VMware we believe that the best way to get control and visibility of dynamic cloud-based environments is through classification. Our platform delivers a powerful classification system called Perspectives. Perspectives capture data for Business Units, Product Lines, or Cost Centers.  As these change with the business, we re-classify all assets in order to make sure that when a customer logs into our platform, they are seeing their data in the most up-to-date context available. 

Consistent classification allows you to visualize your costs and usage within the context of your business to quickly understand the trends that drive success or indicate risk. This strong classification comes at a high computational cost, as a result, our platform recalculates this view of the world on an on-going basis—showing a rolling 13-month window of data. When we look at how our customers interact with data, there are a lot of use cases that require a longer time horizon of 24 or 36 months. For example, 3-year upfront RI purchases for AWS are difficult to visualize when the upfront cost is not visible.

As part of our desire to extend this data window, we’re excited about the release of our Data Archive functionality. This is an opt-in feature that allows customers to begin to accrue snapshots of their data on a monthly basis, across their AWS, Azure, GCP, and Data Center environments. 

For opted-in customers, the CloudHealth platform will automatically preserve a high-fidelity snapshot of the state of your cost and usage data once per month. This will allow customers to go back in time and view the data and classifications from that point in time. With our first release, we are focused on providing customers the option to begin to collect their historical data. 


As we move towards the future, this data will be used to create longer historical time horizons to help customers with common procedures like quarter-over-quarter-analysis or year-over-year trending. While Perspectives will change over time, we’ll maintain the integrity of the classification from that time period showing the state of the business as it was. Additionally, we’ll preserve our standard aggregations like Accounts, Services, and Regions.  

There’s growing tension within the industry as businesses are used to maintaining tightly controlled financial practices that rely on moments of strongly consistent data. For public companies, or companies operating under the constraints of compliance, the easy auditability produced by this model is strongly desirable. However the rate of change in businesses is evolving, and the decision points are moving further out to the edge of technology where software automation presides. More and more these businesses are being forced to thrive in an eventually consistent world and are feeling resultant of a lack of control. 

This feature is the first iterative step to creating a snapshot archive of strongly consistent moments so that financial users and operational users don’t have to choose one or the other, they can choose the one that fits the questions they need to be answered—all from within CloudHealth.

To learn more about CloudHealth Perspectives and our release of Data Archive functionality, schedule a demo or contact your Technical Account Manager.