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CloudHealth Achieves AWS Security Competency

And another one! Our 4th AWS Competency! We are thrilled to announce the achievement of the AWS Security Competency in the Configuration and Vulnerability Analysis category.

Solutions in the Configuration & Vulnerability Analysis category are extensively evaluated on how they help inspect your application deployments for security risks and vulnerabilities, as well as  provide priorities and advice to assist with remediation.

“Security and compliance across all areas of operations is a primary concern for CloudHealth. Our successful AWS Security Competency validation is a demonstration of our commitment to maintain and build the trust of our customers to handle their most sensitive data,” said Anton Gurov, Director of Technical Operations.

The CloudHealth platform helps you validate that you’ve properly and securely configured your Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts, services, and resources. CloudHealth integrates with AWS CloudTrail and Config to support your change, compliance, and security management needs. Additionally, CloudHealth security policies leverage AWS Security Best Practices and the Center for Internet Security AWS Foundations Benchmark to validate your security posture. You also have the option to create your own framework using a variety of individual policies.