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Master Cloud Management: Your Session Guide for VMworld 2020

VMworld 2020 is less than a month away! Join us for 48 hours of non-stop innovation as VMworld goes virtual this year for the first time ever.

There’s no shortage of sessions to expand your knowledge, discover best practices, and create partnerships that will take your IT to the next level. Learning tracks span App Modernization, Multicloud, Intrinsic Security, Digital Workspace, Virtual Cloud Network, Emerging Trends, Cloud Management, and more.

With so many valuable sessions, it can be difficult to identify which ones are best for you. That’s why we’re listing the top 6 sessions to attend, along with a breakdown of the CloudHealth sessions available, so you won’t miss a thing. Here are our top recommendations:

1. A Practical Guide for Managing Cloud Reservations and Discounts

We get it – there are so many options when it comes to optimizing and rightsizing your cloud resources. Where do you begin? We’re getting back to the basics with Groupware Technology during our session on reservation management with AWS Savings Plans, Azure Reserved Instances, and Google committed use discounts. Walk away with effective optimization strategies based on your business KPIs.

Attend the session: A Practical Guide for Managing Cloud Reservations and Discounts

2. Best Practices for Cloud Financial Management

With dynamic growth spurts, billing scrutiny, and unpredictable cloud spend, organizations scaling cloud usage face various challenges when it comes to managing and optimizing their multicloud bills. As usage grows, these organizations need a holistic approach to managing and optimizing cloud costs without foregoing security and productivity.

Cloud financial management is a framework that enables organizations to optimize and control costs across multiple cloud platforms while leveraging the power and flexibility of cloud-based infrastructure. Attend our session on cloud financial management best practices where we’ll cover budgeting, forecasting, chargeback/showback, and more.

Attend the session: Best Practices for Cloud Financial Management

3. Best Practices for Optimizing Your Hybrid and Multicloud Environments

It’s hard to believe that CloudHealth has been part of the VMware family for almost two years – time flies when you’re having fun! We’ve since extended our hybrid and multicloud financial management, optimization, and governance capabilities to VMware vSphere and VMware Cloud on AWS. Cloudhealth serves as a critical value add to your VMware investments when it comes to your hybrid and multicloud management strategy.

Attend the session: Best Practices for Optimizing Your Hybrid & Multicloud Environments

4. Better Together: CloudHealth and Secure State

A successful cloud strategy needs to empower your teams to access the infrastructure they need while adhering to your organization’s financial, operational, and security and compliance needs.

Join this session to see how our customers are using both CloudHealth and Secure State to optimize, govern, and report on their organization-wide multicloud usage.

Attend the session: Better Together: CloudHealth and Secure State

5. Roundtable: Manage and Optimize Kubernetes Across a Multicloud Environment*

Kubernetes is an increasingly popular choice for operationalizing and scaling modern applications. However, many questions can come into play: How do we know how efficient Kubernetes is running? What are the cost implications of the YAML change we just made? Are costs being charged back to the business appropriately?

If you want answers to these questions, join us for our expert roundtable on how to manage and optimize Kubernetes across a multicloud environment.

Attend the session: Expert Roundtable: Manage and Optimize Kubernetes Across a Multicloud Environment with Jonathan Morin*

6. Roundtable: Managed Service Provider Program for VMware on AWS and Cloud Director Service*

Calling all MSPs! With MSPs on the frontlines of helping customers optimize and scale their hybrid and multicloud environments, the VMware MSP program is proving essential for MSPs looking to expand their managed services portfolio.

In this session, MSPs and other partners will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the program structure, benefits of participating, requirements to join, billing and terms of service, steps to integrate VMC on AWS and Cloud Director service into their existing portfolio of managed services, and anything else that might pertain to the MSP ecosystem.

Attend the session: Roundtable: Managed Service Provider Program for VMware on AWS and Cloud Director Service*


Looking for more? CloudHealth by VMware has plenty of other sessions at VMworld that we encourage you to look into and reserve on your calendar. To make it easier, we’re breaking it down by topic here:

Multicloud Management

The CTO Perspective: Multicloud Management in a Volatile World

Shameback: Know When Things Go Wrong with Your Cloud

VMware Cloud Business Office: Our Secret Weapon to Tame Multicloud

Operationalizing and Optimizing Kubernetes

Better Together with vRealize

Architecting a Cloud with VCF and vRealize: A Customer Success Story

Expert Roundtable: Better Together: vRealize and CloudHealth for Multicloud Management with John McLoughlin*

Better Together with CloudHealth Secure State

Advancing Your Cloud Security Journey – Putting All the Pieces Together

Cloud Infrastructure and Workload Security: CloudHealth Secure State and Carbon Black

Securing Public Cloud: Ensuring Configuration Security Posture and Compliance

How RSA Security Engineering Helps DevOps Teams Manage Public Cloud Security Risk

How to Remediate Findings and Automate Guardrails with Secure State

Investigate and Detect Cloud Vulnerabilities with CloudHealth Secure State


There are more than 800 sessions available at VMworld this year, so we can’t list them all, but we hope this helped break down the must-see sessions (and why you’d be crazy to miss them).

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