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Take Your Cloud Management Maturity Assessment

Over the past decade, CloudHealth has worked with thousands of organizations at all different stages in their cloud journey. From our work, we’ve identified patterns and best practices for building a Cloud Center of Excellence with mature cloud management practices. These tactics often begin as an attempt to tame complexity as cloud usage scales, but ultimately transform into strategies that can fuel innovation and enable competitive differentiation. 

To help others on their cloud journey, we’ve established a maturity model framework that you can use to assess and improve cloud maturity across the three most critical areas of excellence: 

  • Financial Management 
  • Operations  
  • Security and Compliance

As highlighted during Joe Kinsella’s CloudLIVE keynote recap, each of these areas of excellence will move independently through four phases of maturity: visibility, optimization, governance and automation, and business integration. 

Take your cloud management maturity assessment

Today, we’re launching an online assessment to help you identify which phase of cloud management maturity you’re in—benchmarked against your peers—with best practices to help you move to the next phase of cloud maturity. 

Within the assessment, you can select from one or more of the areas of excellence to measure against. The assessment will plot you on our cloud management maturity framework and then you can download a customized report with your answers and placement. It’s important to note, that at any point in time, your organization will likely straddle different phases of maturity in the various areas of excellence. 


Take the Cloud Management Maturity Assessment today, it only takes 5 minutes!