Cloud Updates Optimization Tips

Cloud Cost and Governance at the State and Local Level

For state and local governments migrating to the cloud, having a solution in place for effectively managing their cloud environment is the key to success. Without visibility into their cloud environment, they may struggle with decentralized management and unexpected cost increases. A cloud management platform (CMP) can save state and local governments time and money by managing cloud costs, optimizing their infrastructure, and implementing governance policies.

Manage cloud costs

As you increasingly consume cloud resources to modernize operations and deliver improved services to constituents, your cloud spend can quickly grow out of control. To ensure that you are not exceeding your allocated budget, you need comprehensive cloud cost management. It’s important to evaluate CMPs on the depth of their cost reporting. For example, ensure that the platform can report on historical, current, and forecasted cloud spend, and that it has the ability to track those amounts against your budget. Once you have gained financial transparency, you can hold key stakeholders in your organization accountable and improve control.

Optimize your cloud infrastructure

In order to boost efficiency and comply with strict financial guidelines, you need to eliminate waste in your cloud environment. Keep in mind that not all services and workloads are used for the same purpose and therefore will behave differently. By monitoring CPU, memory, network, and disk metrics on a weekly or monthly basis you can identify assets that are underutilized or terminated. For example, perhaps you are running a c4.8xlarge EC2 instance, and you really only need a c4.large, you could be wasting $1,085.38 on just that one instance being incorrectly sized. By rightsizing your infrastructure you can reclaim funds that can be reallocated to other projects or initiatives within your organization. Leverage a cloud management platform to easily pinpoint opportunities for optimization.

Centralize cloud governance

With limited budget and a lean hiring plan, it is critical to maximize the resources at your disposal. You can save employee time by implementing cloud governance policies to proactively alert you of any irregularities, such as cost spikes, tagging compliance issues, security vulnerabilities and more, across the different departments and projects that consume cloud resources. Depending on the platform, the sophistication of policies can vary from a simple notification to an automated action.

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