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Become a Next-Generation Cloud MSP with CloudHealth – and Earn Bonus Points Doing It!

The content in this blog is outdated and we cannot reliably say it is still accurate with the speed in which the cloud industry moves. But don’t worry—below are more recent, up-to-date blogs.


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Everyone is a part of loyalty point programs these days, because who doesn’t love rewards? Loyalty points can be used for everything from lattes, to hotel rooms, to airline flights, to flights to outer space.  A trip to outer space sounds amazing (albeit stomach churning), but how would you like to earn points that go toward making you a successful MSP in the cloud space? With the CloudHealth Cloud Service Management and optimization platform, you get just that. All with zero chance of motion sickness.

AWS recently released an updated MSP Partner Program Checklist, which acts as a guide for partners who wish to be accepted or renewed for the MSP Program. Partners must undergo a validation of their capabilities upon applying, and every 12 months thereafter. One key component of the validation process is a scoring system in which an MSP can earn or lose points based on a set of mandatory requirements. For those AWS Partners leveraging CloudHealth, they can easily demonstrate capabilities across multiple mandatory requirements, limiting loss of points. In addition, CloudHealth can help drive bonus points for non-mandatory services and capabilities. How is that for a reward?

Dozens of leading Cloud MSPs have already partnered with CloudHealth to bring their service offerings to another level. The CloudHealth Partner Console allows MSPs to instantly gain visibility, optimize cloud resources and implement business polices that facilitate governance of customer environments. CloudHealth is like a cloud managed service kit in a box. And you don’t even need to send in box tops to get those points!


Here are just a few examples of the ways in which CloudHealth enables partners to meet mandatory requirements and gain additional credit under the AWS Managed Service Provider Partner Program:

Web Accessible Performance Analysis and End User Reports        

CloudHealth enables you to create, customize and share a whole host of usage, cost and performance analysis reports. One best practice is to provide some basic reports as part of a “freemium” service that all of your customers receive. You can then offer more detailed, higher value reports at a premium tier. For example, you may offer a series of customized reports with a breakdown of cost and usage by functional business group, user or department. This helps you meet a mandatory reporting requirement in the AWS MSP partner program and gives you additional bonus points for using a web platform for reporting, performance analysis and asset management.

AWS Security Best Practices                                                                           

CloudHealth delivers security recommendations functionality that will compare your customer’s AWS infrastructure against AWS and CIS Best Practices. The platform identifies and reports on gaps, alerts stakeholders and provides recommended remediation. Cloud security is paramount for end-users and best of breed MSPs offer continuous security services that their customers find invaluable. By leveraging this CloudHealth functionality, partners achieve three mandatory requirements under the AWS Managed Service Provider Partner Program and gain bonus points across two optional requirements.

AWS Billing and Cost Management                                                                

Billing management might not be exciting, but we sure do make it easy. The CloudHealth Partner Console includes functionality for bill generation across each customer tenant. You can generate a statement from the console or pull the data out for inclusion in your own accounting system. We deliver capabilities for customized billing rules as well as the capability to retain and manage credits in the way that best meets your business objectives – ultimately leading to higher margins. On top of that, demonstrating this functionality adds extra bonus points during the audit. Higher margins and bonus points! Now that’s exciting.

And That’s Not All! 

CloudHealth recently achieved the AWS Migration Competency which allows MSPs to assess workloads and applications in a datacenter or private cloud and then determine the optimal AWS EC2 instances needed and their cost. In combination with a third party “lift and shift” tool or process, partners are able to meet the mandatory application migration capabilities. CloudHealth has a robust technology alliance ecosystem, and can help you align with the right partner for your organization, avoiding penalties for failing to meet this important requirement.