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AWS Rightsizing For Cost Optimization

AWS rightsizing for cost optimization is one of the key techniques to control cloud spend. However, in order for the exercise to be worthwhile, it has to be ongoing. This process can be time-consuming unless—like our client Instructure—you build a continuously optimized system by automating your infrastructure.  

Instructure is a Utah-based company best known for its Canvas and Bridge learning management systems. Since its launch in 2008, Instructure has connected millions of instructors and learners at more than 4,000 educational institutions and corporations throughout the world.

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In 2011, Canvas became the first cloud-based education platform, leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer schools, colleges, and universities a server-less option for hosting their educational content and online class operations. However, the adoption of AWS was not without its problems.


Massive fluctuation of workloads depending on the time of year

The company found that during the semester, workloads could “fluctuate by two or three thousand servers a day”. The company quickly identified it needed better visibility of its cloud infrastructure and tighter cost management, and turned to CloudHealth Technologies for help.

Using the CloudHealth cloud management platform, Instructure gained total visibility of its cloud infrastructure. AWS rightsizing for cost optimization was subsequently easy due to CloudHealth´s rightsizing recommendations—enabling Instructure to reduce cloud spend by more than $2 million.  

Jeff Julander—the company´s Senior Systems Administrator—said, “Using CloudHealth has given value on two counts: cost and visibility. It allows us to see where we can optimize spend, including optimizing Reserved Instance purchases so we´re never underutilized.” You can read the case study here (PDF).

AWS Rightsizing for cost optimization with CloudHealth

The reason why AWS rightsizing for cost optimization was so easy was due to CloudHealth´s process of consolidation, evaluation, and optimization. In this process, the platform first collects data from every source in order to provide the performance metrics required for AWS rightsizing for cost optimization.

The data is then analyzed for the daily minimum, maximum, and average utilization of three key performance metrics (CPU, memory, and disk) in order to generate an image of resource performance. This image is then used for making accurate rightsizing recommendations for workloads.

Once the process of AWS rightsizing for cost optimization is complete, the optimized state is maintained via policy-driven automation—the automation process also being used to enhance operational governance, financial management, access control, and security incident response.

Further benefits of CloudHealth´s Cloud Management Platform

CloudHealth´s cloud management platform is not exclusively a solution for AWS rightsizing for cost optimization. It is just one of the ways in which companies can reduce cloud spend by having total visibility of their accounts. Other benefits of having a single-pane view of your infrastructure include:

  • The ability to identify and terminate zombie assets.
  • The ability to better manage Reserved Instance purchases.
  • The ability to identify resources suitable for scheduling.
  • The ability to identify and upgrade old instance types.
  • The ability to migrate older data to lower tiers of storage.

As with the rightsizing process, CloudHealth´s cloud management platform can identify opportunities to reduce cloud spend and alert you to them. In certain circumstances—for example, terminating zombie assets—the platform can be configured to terminate them automatically and inform you when it is done.

Find Out More about CloudHealth´s Cloud Management Platform

Regardless of whether your company deploys assets on AWS, Azure, Google, a combination of all three, or in a hybrid environment, CloudHealth makes it easy to reduce cloud spend and automate the governance of your IT environment. To date we have saved thousands of companies millions of dollars, enabling them to reinvest their savings in strategic initiatives in order to gain a competitive advantage.

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