Product Updates

Announcing New CloudHealth Platform Training Offerings

We know the importance of getting your team fully engaged with a platform like CloudHealth in order to maximize benefits to your business, which is why we’re introducing role-based learning to speed your time to value during onboarding. Empower your team so they can feel comfortable right from the start and get the most out of the platform.  

We designed learning paths based on how you use the product, so you can focus your time on topics that matter most to your line of work. The Core Team learning path is for users who will be administering CloudHealth, which includes tasks like setting up perspectives, policies, and reports as well as managing users, roles, and organizations. This training path will help key platform users feel confident your business is using CloudHealth most effectively. 

There are also two Business User learning paths, one for power users who focus on finance activities and one for those who align more closely with devops activities in their daily work. These roles are focused on ensuring that, among other things, your cloud environment is accurately optimized, secure, and provides full visibility into all your costs. 

Role-based learning paths contain a series of virtual courses led by our talented training instructors and include many hands-on activities. Platform demonstrations are held in our sandbox environment so that you can see what a mature CloudHealth environment looks like.  class activities in your own environment so that you can understand the real-world impact of your platform changes. This training-style enables you to immediately apply your new skills to your own environments and take action! 

After onboarding, you can take your learning to the next level with our new Expansion training offerings. This subscription includes one-hour virtual sessions that enable you to build on the skills gained during onboarding and learn new areas of the platform to help your organization move up the cloud maturity curve. The cloud industry is constantly changing and growing so it’s important to make sure your team’s knowledge is staying up-to-date. The Expansion training also includes the Power of the Platform classes to help you stay current with the latest CloudHealth features and offers best practices for how to effectively leverage them.

For descriptions of our training courses, go to  If you have questions, contact