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Kaskade Shares How To Save Money In AWS

Kaskade, our fully certified CloudHealth partner in South Africa, ensures our customers receive the most up-to-date advice and guidance on controlling their pubic cloud environments. They also make sure our customers get the best possible cost savings, optimisation, and services from their cloud environment. We, at CloudHealth, work closely with the team at Kaskade ensuring their professional services always provide top of the line expertise.

Knowing that new cloud users can struggle with cutting costs in there AWS environment, Kaskade compiled a three part blog series breaking down the best practices on how to reduce spend.


You’ll want to have a big snack before you dive into this three part blog series. The author, Russell Warne, the Chief Customer Officer at Kaskade, runs with a serious pie analogy throughout the three articles to best explain his points.

Below we have summarized each articles key highlights, but don’t just take our word for it. We encourage you to click into each of the articles and read the rest.

Saving money on AWS Part 1: Choose the right filling for your compute pie.

The first part of the blog series discusses the importance of making sure all of your resources are correctly sized. If your resources are not sized correctly it’s crucial that, before anything else, you need to be adjusting all the sizing, a process that is called Rightsizing.

Read the post to hear their best practices for Rightsizing. Click here.

Saving money on AWS Part 2: How to have your pie and eat it.

Now that all your resources are Rightsized, the next step Kaskade outlines is how to best decide what reservations you should purchase. The biggest key to buying reservations is to first run some analysis to be positive that you want that size reservation. Their pie analogy is carries through this post, helping simplify the technical idea of reservations into something everyone can relate to.

If you are struggling at all with the idea of reservations, read this. Click here.

Saving money on AWS Part 3: Clean up your crumbs.

The final post in the series covers the tweaking aspect of your optimization journey. The first two steps are important to get your environment in a healthy space, but repeating them will not yield the same results. What you need to be doing is regular maintenance, keeping an eye on unattached EBS volumes, old snapshots, disassociated IP addresses, and instance upgrades.


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