VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Cloud on AWS at VMware Explore India 2023

Namaste everyone!!! We are super excited that VMware Explore India is here in Mumbai for the first time. We have a great line up of speakers, some of the great sessions from industry leaders, some latest announcements as well as some exciting activities and programs that will help you accelerate your multi-cloud journey.

And VMware Cloud on AWS has a very good presence at the event. So let’s looks at some of the key sessions on VMware Cloud on AWS that you cannot miss!

Breakout sessions and Hands-on Lab

  1. ACCB1204-18IN: What’s New in VMware Cloud on AWS Do you want to learn more about the top latest things delivered in VMware Cloud on AWS? Then this is the session for you. Learn more about all the latest capabilities delivered in VMware Cloud on AWS including new instance types, extended storage options, disaster recovery options, and a brand new cloud computing model. Also learn about why VMware Cloud on AWS is fastest, safest and most cost-effective hybrid cloud option. Hear it directly from the product experts and get your questions answered. Don’t miss this chance to learn more about all the latest and greatest things about VMware Cloud on AWS.
  2. OpenTheatre1104-1IN: Accelerating transformation with VMC on AWS Join this session to learn about VMC on AWS new features and capabilities. We will cover VMC architecture, technical capabilities, new instance types, storage enhancements, networking & cloud security, migration approach and disaster recovery offerings. Expect to see demos and be prepared to learn the latest technical capabilities of the flagship VMware Cloud platform.
  3. CSCA1104-31IN: Secure your Workloads while Using VMware Cloud on AWS Securing workload is inevitable for cloud and hybrid deployments. Build security posture with distributed and edge security with context-aware firewall and distributed Intrusion detection and prevention. VMware NSX solution brings layer 2 to layer 7 security features to have micro-segmentation and achieve zero trust network access to your workloads.
  4. Hands-On Lab: HOL-2387-02-ISM: Cloud Migration to VMware Cloud on AWS In this lab, you will deploy VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension to the VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC and to the on-premises datacenter. You will also configure the required compute and network profiles and create a Service Mesh between the paired sites.
  5. ACCB1104-17IN: Prioritize Your Multi-Cloud Application Modernization Strategy Customer objectives, business outcomes, and workload needs should define the cloud best suited for the customer. In this session, we will take a customer-centric approach to develop cloud recommendations, outline ways to engage with the customer via discovery, qualify business needs and workload requirements, and determine the best cloud for them. We will also share examples from our portfolio to show where customers chose VMC on AWS, AVS, or OCVS, explaining why they chose that solution.

Expo Floor Presence and Customer/Partner Meetings

Apart from these sessions, you will be able to check out lot of latest exciting demos showcasing some of the key features and capabilities of VMware Cloud on AWS and will have a chance to talk to subject matter experts available at the booth at expo floor. If you would like to talk to product managers/sales leaders or technical SMEs, please get in touch with your VMware representative and schedule an in-person meeting with VMware experts.

So please don’t wait further. Register Now, schedule these sessions on your agenda now. Looking forward to seeing you all in Mumbai on 11th-12th April, 2023.

Meanwhile, if you would like to know more about VMware Cloud on AWS, here are some learning resources for you to get started: