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VMware Cloud on AWS

Alternative to VMware HCX to extend networks from multiple on-premises sites to VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC

The capability of extending network segments between the on-premises and the cloud is one of the great pillars of the real hybridization that VMware provides. With VMware HCX (that is part of the VMware Cloud on AWS at no additional cost in its Enterprise version), customers can establish site pairings between each on-premises site and the SDDC, and then deploy the corresponding Service Mesh that includes the Network Extension service.

But, there are on-premises architectures with restrictions or licensing levels which do not allow using VMware HCX to extend network segments.

So in this case, what are my options? In order to help you with the alternation solutions, I have written a white paper composed of two parts that explains in detail, step by step, how to configure a network segment extension architecture between several on-premise sites against a single VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC using L2VPNs through the incorporation of T1-Gateways.

Check out this whitepaper to learn more about how to configure these configurations to execute this new use case.

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