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VMware Cloud on Dell @ VMware Explore

Excitement is building for VMware Explore 2022. Expect a lot of strategic announcements, product updates, hands-on labs, networking opportunities and arguably the most important event for customers embarking on multi-cloud journey.

VMware Cloud on Dell provides a locally hosted, fully managed infrastructure-as-a-service solution for customers looking for a low-latency backbone for their business-critical applications. This blog covers how to learn more about VMware Cloud on Dell whilst you are at VMware Explore.

Breakout sessions:

Do not miss adding these two sessions to your event agenda and learn actionable tips directly from VMware Cloud on Dell customers.

Do’s and Don’ts of Fully Managed On-Premises IaaS: Customer Insight [CEIB1944US]

Join the leading American manufacturer, Sleep Number, innovator in sleep science and makers of beds and mattresses, and learn from their experiences on

  • How to get out of managing IT infrastructure without compromising on performance, cost, or compliance
  • Real-world tips to maximize the advantage of VMware Cloud on Dell for multi-cloud transformation.
  • How to reduce common design mistakes while embracing the cloud operating model

A Customer Conversation- Digital-first Journey with VMware Cloud [CEIB1920US]

Learn from the State of California, Office of the Governor on how VMware Cloud on Dell has dramatically accelerated their digital transformation and aligned IT to the growth and direction of their most pressing business demands. You will learn:

  • Benefits of a fully managed IaaS for workloads not suited for the public clouds
  • Best practices in planning infrastructure and application modernization with VMware Cloud on Dell
  • How to avoid pitfalls while reimagining on-premises IT

Note: you may also be interested in attending a related Dell-sponsored session for APEX Cloud Services with VMware Cloud CEIB2918US


Do you want to test-drive some of the latest VMware Cloud on Dell features and capabilities? We are ready. We plan to showcase the below innovations at the On-Premises Cloud booth:

  • Application modernization with Tanzu on VMC on Dell
  • Workload migration using HCX on VMC on Dell from an existing cluster
  • Active Directory Integration,
  • Deploying your first VM using the VMC on Dell environment
  • Live lab to demonstrate any other specific VMC on Dell capability that accelerates your cloud transformation


The engineering team has updated the VMware Cloud on Dell lab, which is now accessible below:

· Direct link to the lab: https://labs.hol.vmware.com/HOL/catalogs/lab/11954

· Pathfinder link: https://pathfinder.vmware.com/v3/activity/try_vmc_on_dell_hol

These step-by-step walkthroughs are easy to follow and replicate. Reach out to Alex Fanous or Uma Kaladi in the HOL area for follow-up questions there.


Regardless of what stage you are in your digital transformation journey, you will always benefit from consulting with our experts who have been in the trenches themselves and who engage with customers like yourself to design and architect a scalable, seamless, and secure multi-cloud infrastructure-as-a-service solution. Look for Kate BignellHeath JohnsonKyle Gleed, and Kim Delgado among others at the On-Premises Cloud booth.

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We have you covered if you can’t make it to VMware Explore. Follow real-time updates on our digital channels Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Our subject-matter experts will be monitoring the chats and responding to your questions in real-time so you can stay in sync with all the happenings at the Moscone Center, San Francisco.

Have any questions? Please use the chat-box below. VMware Cloud team is looking forward to seeing you in person very soon!