VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Cloud on AWS at VMware Explore (US) 2022

As you all know, we are getting back to normal again after couple of years of virtual world and we are super excited to be there in person at VMware Explore (US) 2022 in San Francisco. Like every year, we are coming up with lots of exciting announcements for VMware Cloud on AWS. And we have a great line up of speakers who will be delivering lot of exciting content for you. Also, you will get a chance to meet the experts, try out hands-on labs, test drive the service with expert led workshop and tutorial and much more.

In this blog, I would like to showcase VMware Cloud on AWS presence at VMware Explore(US) 2022. Check out the sessions below and don’t forget to add these to your agenda-

Keynote sessions:

  • Multi-Cloud: Realize Your Strategic Vision by Reducing Complexity [MCLK2482US]
  • Security and Networking for Modern and Traditional Apps Across Multi-Clouds [SECK2445US]
  • Customer Innovation Showcase [MCLK2538US]
  • Explore VMware Cross-Cloud Services [MCLK2539US]

Breakout sessions:

  • What’s New on VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts [CEIB1425US]
  • Technical Architecture and Advantages of VMware Cloud for Your Workloads [CEIB1429USD]
  • Pragmatically Modernize Applications with VMware Cloud and VMware Tanzu [CEIB1430USD]
  • Customer Story: Quality Bicycle Products Blazes Their Trail to the Cloud [MCLB2739US]
  • Need to Migrate Thousands of Workloads? No Problem! [MCLB1251US]
  • Introduction to VMware Cloud Flex Storage [CEIB1327US]
  • Advanced Networking and Security for VMware Cloud on AWS [NETB2287US]
  • Rightsizing VMware Cloud Compute and Storage Is No Longer a Dream – Learn How [MCLB2643USS]
  • Effective Migration Strategies: Lessons From Large-Scale Migrations to AWS [MCLB3032USS]
  • Build Global Connectivity for Your Business Using VMware Transit Connect [NETB2470US]
  • Expanding Horizons: Deploying Modern Desktops Using Public Clouds [VMWB1740US]
  • How VMware Modernized Applications to Transform the Customer Experience [VMWB1778US]
  • It’s as Easy as Riding a Bike: Live Data Migration to AWS [MCLB3008USS]
  • Secure Your vSphere Workloads in VMware Cloud [SECB2377US]
  • Best Practices for VMware DRaaS [CEIB2311USD]
  • Delivering Ransomware Protection with VMware NSX, VMware Carbon Black, and VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery [SECB1237US]
  • Explore the VMware Multi-Cloud Family of Disaster Recovery Solutions [CEIB1750USD]
  • Realizing Your Business Value with VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery [MCLB2781US]
  • Vision for Data Protection as a Service and What’s New in VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery [CEIB1236US]

VMware Cloud Focused Day Sessions:

Join VMware and AWS experts at VMware Cloud Focused Day in the multi-cloud track and check out these breakout sessions delivered by AWS Subject Matter Experts:

  • Keynote: VMware Cloud on AWS – The Fastest, Safest Path for All Your VMware Workloads [MCLB3520US]
  • Accelerating cloud migrations with VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts [CEIB3041US]
  • Cloud migration & disaster recovery modernization using VMware Cloud on AWS [CMB2893US]
  • Integration of Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP with VMware Cloud on AWS [CEIB3040US]
  • Federal Accreditations: VMware Cloud on AWS [CMB3053US]
  • Fireside Chat: Customer Obsessed Partner Innovations [MCLB3284US]

Theater sessions:

  • Migration and Modernization at Scale With VMware Cloud on AWS [MCLB3036USS]
  • Best Practices and Architectural Guidance for Multi-Cloud Environments [CXS2959US]
  • [Deep-Dive] Multi-Cloud Journey – Overcoming the Performance Obstacles in the Cloud [CXS1257US]
  • Getting Started with VMware Cloud APIs [CODE1874US]
  • What’s New in VMware PowerCLI? [CODE2691US]
  • Game Changer: On-Demand Cloud DR for Your On-Premises Environments [CODE1870US]
  • Disaster Recovery in the Ransomware Era [CXS1250US]
  • The Future of DR Cloud Protection [CODE1869US]

VMTN Tech Talk

  • Challenges and Benefits of VMware Multi-Cloud – Ask the Multi-Cloud Expert [VMTN1987US]
  • Innovate with VMware Cloud: How to Build a Powerful Multi-Cloud Environment [VMTN1989US]
  • VMware Cloud DR – A DR service Focused on Ransomware [VMTN1990US]

Hands-On Labs/ Workshops /Tutorial

Meet The Expert Sessions

  • VMware Cloud Architecture And Capabilities [CEIM1438US]
  • VMware Cloud Security and Compliance [CEIM1440US]
  • NSX Networking and Security in VMware Cloud on AWS [NETM2396US]
  • Healthcare in the Cloud [CEIM2275US]
  • Recommendations for Architecting Disaster Recovery and Ransomware
    Recovery [CEIM1239US]

Session for partners:

  • VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud (US) [PAR2818US]
  • Driving a Profitable Partner Business with VMware Cloud [PAR2817US]
  • How to Get the Most Out of the VMware Technology Alliance Partner Program [PAR2809US]
  • How VMware Cloud Universal Can Increase Business with SaaS/Subscription [PAR2819US]

Apart from this, we have demo stations for VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts as well as our DRaaS solutions at VMware booth at the expo floor where you can meet VMware experts and get your questions answered.

We also have a meetings program in which you can ask your VMware representative to setup a meeting with VMware executives/sales leaders/subject matter experts and have a chance to meet with them in-person to get more information about the product roadmap and have deep-dive technical discussions with them. Also you can ask your VMware representative to setup a meeting with a cloud economists and get more understanding about the TCO model, infrastructure sizing, value offered by VMware Cloud on AWS vs other native cloud options and more. So get in touch with your VMware rep and schedule the meeting before the spots get filled up.

What’s Next:

Please register for VMware Explore 2022 if you have not done so yet and add these sessions to your agenda to secure your spot. Looking forward to having a great event and meeting you there in person with some great announcements.

Meanwhile, if you would like to learn more about VMware Cloud on AWS, please check out the learning resources below:

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