VMware Marketplace

Build Awesome Applications with Bitnami Through VMware Marketplace

VMware Marketplace provides a breadth of solutions to create and maintain modern applications on any cloud and VMware endpoint. The Marketplace catalog extends across all popular software categories (such as storage, security, and analytics) and across a wide range of content types (such as virtual machines, containers, and content packs). It enables our rich user base of developers, DevOps users, IT administrators, cloud administrators, database admins, and others to find solutions for their specific needs.

VMware Marketplace is free to browse and free to sign-up for; only the use of paid solutions would require a purchase on the Marketplace or with a partner.

Once users have registered for VMware Marketplace, they will discover a catalog of third-party solutions, free open-source solutions, and first-party tools across various industry categories. And now, with the integration of VMware Application Catalog, they can also get curated, hardened open-source images delivered into their private registries via the Marketplace UI.

In addition to the broad collection of first-party tools and ISV solutions, customers can access over 180 open-source solutions packaged by Bitnami in the form of virtual machines and Helm charts, ready to be deployed into their SDDC or Kubernetes clusters. Developers and architects will find these building blocks a “must have” to shorten the path when building applications.

Open-Source Building Blocks Ideal for Development on Any VMware Environment

Bitnami applications are a perfect fit for development and testing purposes. Through VMware Marketplace, users can discover popular developer tools and frameworks such as LAMP or MEAN, logging and monitoring solutions such as ELK or Wavefront Prometheus ideal for building VM-based applications or databases, and core services such as MySQL or MongoDB that can help apps work more efficiently.

Developers and DevOps teams can benefit greatly from using Bitnami packaged software through VMware Marketplace for several key reasons:

  • Ready to run: Bitnami open-source solutions on VMware Marketplace come with the necessary dependencies and pre-configurations for developers to deploy them with the assurance of working perfectly out-of-the-box.
  • Free and secure open-source software: These solutions are packaged using industry best practices and updated to the latest version. When any security threat or update is identified, the application is automatically repackaged, and its latest and more secure version is pushed to VMware Marketplace as soon as possible.
  • Compatible with all VMware platforms: These solutions are ready to be deployed to multiple VMware endpoints such as VMware Cloud, VMware vSphere, VMware Tanzu, and on-prem.

Want to get started?

To get started with our free and extensive catalog of Bitnami open-source solutions from VMware Marketplace, all you need to do is log in, find the solution you want, and deploy it to the environment of your choice! To show you just how easy this is, we have created a short video – take a look below:

You can also check the Bitnami Documentation page to learn how to get started with Bitnami solutions on VMware Marketplace. Also, you can find advanced tutorials to boost your Kubernetes skills in our Tutorials Documentation.

For additional queries, please reach out via VMwareMarketplace@vmware.com.